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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ignoramus With a Microphone

There are more here.

I've been sort of waiting for this, ever since the Irish Loudmouth spewed his "the tide goes in, the tide goes out" as a proof that his version of God exists.

I'll let the scientists go after BillO on the point that he is trying to prove the existence of God using facts that are known to any kid who had a fifth-grade module in science.

This is my point: O'Reilly is demonstrating that he has no faith. Faith is something that people believe without any evidence to show for it. If you have faith in Your Dear and Fluffy Lord's existence, then you do not need a shred of evidence or proof that He/She/It/They exist.

Faith is.

If you have a need to offer proof that your particular deity exists, then you are tacitly conceding that you are open to the point that said deity may not exist.

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suz said...

Bravo!!!!! Proof negates faith.