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Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin- A Phony Budget Crisis

Now it turns out that the state of Wisconsin was not in a budget crisis. They projected a surplus.

Until the incoming Teabagging governor added spending for special interest groups and reduced taxes for some of them.

Bottom line of it is that he manufactured this so-called crisis for the purpose of breaking the unions.

Republicans hate people who work for a living. And if you work for any sort of government entity and you voted for a Republican: You, Gentle Reader, are a fool.



squatlo said...

I think the "fool" comment could be directed at anyone who voted Republican, not just public employees.
You wouldn't believe how many "good" union brothers and sisters supported McCain/Palin at the factory I retired from. Amazing, and talk radio had a lot to do with it. They'd listen to 12 hours of right wing talk all day at work, then go home to hear it repeated on Faux News, and in time you couldn't talk to them at all.
You can't fix stupid...

tom said...

It's about education, it's about understanding these type of folks were FOR child labor, those who saw NO foul in cheating the workers and in killing them…grinding them in the industrial machinery…that led to…..the Molly McGuires, Triangle Fire, Matewan, UAW and the auto industry, this all started to die w/ post WW2 congressional meddling w/ labor's rights...and with Right wingers watering down HISTORY courses in HS cause we can't have our actual history being taught...."you don't get me I'm part of the Union..."
Now it’s popular with some alleged “people” like Limbaugh and others to call Union members, (Teachers, Fire Fighters, Police) parasites….really?

We have to ask ourselves where are the Molly McGuires now that we need them…