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Friday, February 18, 2011

Evidence, Schmevidence

The county crime lab in Nassau County, NY has been closed because of systematic errors that may re-open thousands of cases for review.

Allegations are that the police brass knew that the lab was producing junk results and did nothing.


Tim said...

That would be the biggest reason I oppose the death penalty. It's kind of forever. Mistakes are made all the time.

BadTux said...

They aren't always mistakes, Tim. County crime labs run by prosecutors' offices are not independent, and there is systemic bias out the wazoo.

We had the same problem here in Santa Clara County. The D.A., Delores Carr, refused to admit there was a problem. We voted her ass out of office and voted in a new guy who has now pulled in an outside expert to oversee the crime lab and clean things up.

And this is in a fairly liberal area where cops don't automatically get a rubber stamp. I wonder what it's like in the majority of the country, where cops could literally drive down the street, drunk, in their cruiser, in uniform, shooting out traffic lights with their service pistols, and not get any sanction other than a "Don't do that again!"?

- Badtux the "Welcome to your police state, Citizen" Penguin