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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Not Like They Found a Dead Intern in His Office

I don't think it was the photo, more the point that a married "family values" Republican politician was trolling the dating section on Craigslist.

The Gawker story came out this afternoon; this guy has to have set the land speed record for resigning in the face of a scandal.

Update:  The question remains; what else is there that this guy is trying to skate away from by quitting so fast. 


montag said...

In reference to your headline for this post, not yet.

ronnwaters said...

I love the High-Res Photos section on his web page! Wonder if he'll add his new one

BadTux said...

The speed of his resignation astonishes me. When Larry Craig got caught with a "wide stance", he bluffed it out for months afterwards. "Diaper Dave" Vitter is *still* on the job. Even Mark "Icky" Foley took several days to resign. And of course Senator John Ensign hasn't even acknowledged doing anything wrong, despite the payoff to his mistress to keep her quiet...

Hmm, reading the above, maybe we should just have a fill-in-the-blank generic post... "[Rep or Senator] [Name], R[State], was discovered today having an adulterous affair with a [male | female | farm animal]. [Rep or Senator] [Name] denies all allegations, despite photographs showing him in a state of undress, and [Rep or Senator] [Name]'s wife states that her man is innocent." Then we can just pull it out and check off the appropriate boxes and fill in the appropriate blanks every time one of these Republican horndogs sticks his tool somewhere that it don't belong ;).

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

John Milton said...

When it comes to sex scandals, you need not limit it to "R". There are plenty of "D"s out there too.

Allan S said...

Just another moral majority hypocratic jerk. He is a "Do as I say, not as I do" asshat....Allan

Comrade Misfit said...

John, OK, but irrelevant. The Republicans hold themselves out as the "party of good old heterosexual family values," you know, wife, 2.5 kids, dog, pickup truck, all that crap. So they are especially vulnerable to this sort of scandal.

Beyond that, saying "well, Democrats have had sex scandals" is not much of an argument. It's like trying to avoid a beating because every other kid did it.

BadTux said...

Indeed. If you're going to trumpet about your "family values", have some. Playing hide the salami like a 19 year old frat boy on spring break, poking the ole' tool into any potential moist warm throbbing orifice in any random man, woman, or intern of either sex that crosses your vodka-bleared eyes, might be forgivable if you're, say, Barney Frank and never proclaimed to be an upholder of "traditional family values". But if you're one of those folks who preaches about the virtues of "traditional family values", well... I suppose adultery is traditional enough. But sheesh!

And have some freakin' *taste* about it if you *do* intend to play the field! This dude's behavior was just plain *creepy* and completely tasteless. I mean, what male over the age of 17 takes a *cell phone photo in a mirror* of himself flexing to text to his sweetie? Yeesh! Penguins may have odd sexual habits, but at least they don't do tasteless juvenile stunts like *that*!

- Badtux the Tasteful Penguin

suz said...

Oh yeah. There's gotta be more dirt. Any man that conscientious wouldn't be cheating in the first place. That's a Jimmy Carter response to a Bill Clinton stunt.

BadTux said...

Turns out that Rep. Lee is a multi-millionaire many times over, and it may just be that, realizing it was going to be a media circus, he said "Fuck this shit, I'm not having fun anymore" and decided to fold his tent and go home. He's only been in Congress for three years so it's not a lifestyle for him.

- Badtux the Researching Penguin