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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Destroying Freedom for Corporate Gain

This, so far, seems to be the roster of those that the Chamber of Commerce "employed"* to go after journalists and bloggers who were criticizing the fact that container-loads of corporate cash are subverting our democracy:

Primary mercenary: "HBGary Federal" and a firm called Hunton & Williams which contracted the cyber-hit squad.

The goons: Palantir Technologies and Berico Technologies. Palantir is trying to distance itself from this mess by selecting one kid engineer to be the designated scapegoat and then firing him.

Also note that Bank of America is engaging in the same sort of fuckery as the Chamber of Commerce, because Wikileaks says that they have a crap-ton of documents from BofA showing that BofA was one of the banks that knowingly wrecked our economy. What is particularly odious is that the Department of Justice is involved in all of this, at least to the point of recommending the mercs to the CofC and/or BofA.

You can start with Glenn Greenwald's story here and here. He was one of the primary targets of the goon squad.

It wasn't just Glenn Greenwald who was a target. HBGary proposed going after anyone who ever donated to Wikileaks. Which might include one or more of you, Gentle Readers.

What the Chamber of Commerce and Bank of America was doing was just despicable. Moreover, it should suggest to the casual observer that, by attacking those writing about their conduct, the CofC and BofA are tacitly admitting the truth of the allegations that both entities are fonts of evildoing. Facts speak for themselves and if the allegations were not credible, the story would not have survived, other than among conspiracy whackaloons.**

Fixer thinks they should be sued. That may be a good start.

If anything criminally actionable comes out, then it could be interesting, but don't count on the DoJ to do anything about it. They seem to have zero interest in pursuing cases against corporations who can pay for vigorous defenses. Which arguably shows that the DoJ into just another bunch of bullies, able to give out punches but not able to take one.

UPDATE: The WaPo is now covering the story, but they seem to have no original reporting on it. (So much for the claim by the press that "bloggers only feast on our work.")
* I put the word "employed" in quotation marks because there is some question as to whether or not money changed hands or whether the work that was done was done on-spec in hopes of winning a lucrative contract.
** Conspiracy nuts are generally immune to truth. Exhibit A: Glenn Beck. Prosecution rests.

1 comment:

Fixer said...

Thank you for the link, pal! And yes, I think they all should be sued, AG Holder as well. He's just as culpable as BofA and CoC.