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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh, This is Going to Be Nasty

My intestines are making noises akin to a summer thunderstorm. I have a feeling that I'm going to be wedded to ye olde throne in a little bit.

Anyway, to follow up on the "what to build" post, I haven't found a decent .30-06 for a project rifle for less than $325. That was the cost of a Remington 721 on a used rack. I found one Interarms Mk-X used for $375. For the Interarms, I'd have to install both receiver and front sights. The Remington, probably just a rear sight (and remove the open rear sight forward of the bolt).

On the other hand, I have one of these lying around (which Brigit Magnus suggested in the original post):

And then I can add a replacement peep sight for the open rear sight, and it'll be good to go. The rifle I have in mind is a de-snipered 91-30 that shoots OK, though it shoots high and to the right without a bayonet. The new sight should at least fix the first issue. I can probably install a higher front sight if the peep sight can't correct the elevation. $71 for a replacement sight is a bit easier to swallow than several times that.

Ammunition, of course, is not as readily available, but there are some sources for non-milspec hunting rounds and as many many thousands of those rifles have been imported, I expect that ammunition availability will only improve.


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