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Friday, February 11, 2011

Obama to Poor People: "Freeze to Death, See if I Care."

This is the sort of shit that I would have expected from the party of Hoover:
President Obama’s proposed 2012 budget will cut several billion dollars from the government’s energy assistance fund for poor people, officials briefed on the subject told National Journal.
Smooth move, Barry. Let's have people freeze in the harshest winter in many years so you can curry favor with John Boehner and the Teabaggers. Fine that you are planning to add a few nickels to childhood education, but it's kind of hard to do homework if your house has an inside temperature of 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

For fuck's sake, Mr. President! Don't you get it by now? They are getting you to stab your base in the back far, far worse than Bill Clinton ever did. And you are gleefully doing it. What the hell are you thinking?

Jesus Christ on Rubber Rollerskates, it is time we dig up and reanimate the corpse of Richard Nixon. Even that hateful anti-Semitic racist did more to help the poor than you have, Mr. President. Yes, you got the Ledbetter Pay Act passed. You did some good early on. But since then, you have been slowly morphing into Palin Lite.

And to be honest about it, I'd rather have enemies in front of me than backstabbers besides me. Which is why I have never been a fan of President Clinton, who made backstabbing his base into a high art.

If the choice is between you, Mr. President, who will slowly wreck the country or a Republican who will do it faster, then let's just get it the fuck over with. The Republicans are turning this nation into a mean-spirited banana republic and I have yet to have seen one serious senior Democrat who is willing to stand in their way. Both you and that oily douchenozzle Harry Reid seem to have no spine, balls or intestines.

Stand up for those Americans who are less fortunate, Mr. President! Stand up to the rich and the corporations! And if you are going to go down, for the love of (insert name of your dear and fluffy lord here), go down standing on your feet and swinging, not running back into a corner and whimpering.

We know that you are a smart guy. Now show us that you have some balls.



BadTux said...

Oh come now, if the little people are cold up there in the Northeast, they can just vacation in the Caribbean all winter long, like our lords and masters. Why, they *choose* to freeze in that hellacious icebox, why should our lords and masters be taxed to warm their homes?

- Badtux the "Let Them Eat Cake?" Penguin
(But yes, I'm surprised to hear Barry utter the basic equivalent of those words too, I knew he was a Republican at heart, but not *that* much of a Republican...).

wolfbitch said...

Cynically enough, I'm not surprised. Although I voted for Obama with an open heart, I also kept an open mind... to the fact that he's a politician like all the rest of them.

I live in the Northeast. It HAS been hellacious up here, but nothing compared to the Midwest winter this year.

As for the "dear and fluffy lord" comment... it's so nice to inadvertently discover yet another browncoat.

Whenever I think of Washington, I think it's a pity we don't have Vera.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I hear the fat lady tuning up and I sure don't mean you, Comrade Misfit.