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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bitter Dead-Enders on Parade

It was put on by the Descendants of the Defenders of Slavery:
MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Wearing gray wool uniforms, hoop skirts, leather jackets and business suits, several hundred men and women marched to the Alabama Statehouse on Saturday afternoon, where they delivered defiant speeches, fired heavy artillery, and swore in an amateur actor playing Jefferson Davis as president of the Confederacy, 150 years and one day after the event took place.


montag said...

Should we start planning a redo of Shermans March Through Georgia for 2014? After that we can burn down Columbia, SC in 2015.

BadTux said...

"The inauguration of Jefferson Davis". Heh. Jefferson Davis was never elected by the people of the Confederacy. He was appointed by the secession convention. Just goes to show you the disdain that these bitter dead-enders have for democracy, that they celebrate the inauguration of a man who was appointed, not elected. What a laugh.

- Badtux the Democracy Penguin

tom said...

Hang Jeff Davis from a sour apple tree
or words to that effect
Yet though he RICHLY deserved that fate for all the DEATH and destruction he was responsible for only one Confederate was executed for treason, Wirtz the Swiss killer at Andersonville...

BadTux said...

Grant should have turned Sherman loose on the South again once the KKK started stringing up Republican politicians in the South, and strung up a shitload of former Confederates as traitors until the KKK and White Leagues ran out of asswipes to use to attack the legitimate (black-elected) governments of the South. Unfortunately Grant spent most of his Presidency drunk because he knew he should do this, but the majority of the North had no desire to spend Northern blood and treasure just to defend the rights of black people, they just wanted the South to pretend to be part of the United States and pretend to no longer have slavery so they could get back to making money rather than making war, and the South, being a land of slow learners, took ten years to figure that out, but once they did the Republicans were happy as clams to make that corrupt bargain (the Hayes-Tilden Compromise) and put the Confederates back in charge of the South again.

The South exists as a geopolitical entity today because the North was full of people who cared more about money than about equal rights. So it goes.

- Badtux the History Penguin