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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Republicans Love Khadafi

At least one Republican politician is channeling Muammar Khadafi, for he thinks that it would be a peachy idea to order the police in Wisconsin to open fire on the protesters with live ammunition.

No, this man is not a deputy attorney general in Indiana:

But he might as well be one, for he has the same inclination-- to order the deaths of people who would disagree with him.

UPDATE: And the Hoosier Khadafi has been fired. No doubt one of the Wingnut welfare groups conservative think tanks will find a job for him.

But note that Tracy Fuller, the executive board president of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association, has pretty much confirmed that if the Governor of Wisconsin orders the cops to fire on the protesters, that the cops will do so. Because Governor Hosni Walker bribed the cops by not going after their unions in the same way that he is trying to smash all of the other unions.

For anyone who has even a glib understanding of American labor history, this should come as no surprise. There is a long record of using local and state cops as strikebreakers. We all know that when it comes to the question "whose side are you on," the cops are not on ours.


BadTux said...

Good news -- read on the Great Orange Satan (and followed a link to the AG's site) that Jeff Cox was fired by the Indiana AG, presumably for a breach of professional ethics (an officer of the court is *not* supposed to go around suggesting that other people break the law!). To say that I'm surprised at this violation of the IOKIYR rule is an understatement.. when was the last thing a Republican administrator did the right thing and fired an underling who done wrong? But it is definitely welcome... public office has no place for people who blatantly advocate breaking the law.

BadTux said...

Oops, apparently you updated your post just as I was writing the above. Oh well!