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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Could the GOP Be More Hateful if It Tried Harder?

I have to wonder about that. There was a bill in the last congress to crack down on the sexual trafficking of minors. It would have given grants to states to work against sex trafficking and it would have set up a way to track children who were ensnared and used by the traffickers.

The bill failed to be passed into law.

It failed because Republicans, particularly Sen. Jeff Sessions*, wanted to make sure that the children who were being exploited for sexual purposes were also arrested and charged with prostitution.

Obsidian Wings has a lot more about the GOP's War on Women. I just picked one thing out from that post to highlight it.

Forget all the blather about "fiscal responsibility," the Republicans are showing their true colors. They are just as eager to use the force of government to meddle in people's personal lives as any statist, conservative or liberal.

UPDATE: And forget the GOP's commitment to not raising taxes, for they intend to use the tax code to punish any business that has a health insurance plan that covers abortions.

* He came to the Senate because while he wanted to be a federal judge, he had a lengthy record of racism which kept him from being confirmed in the 1980s.

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LRod said...

> Sessions

He also has just about the most Confederate sounding name I've ever heard:

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

It's almost a Democratic campaign slogan—except to people likely to vote for him.