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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All Pork is Local; Defense Edition

The House is gearing up to decide whether to eliminate the program for a second engine for the F-35. John Boehner, who supposedly is all in favor of cutting federal spending, is defending the second engine program because much of the work is done in... wait for it...Ohio.

See, Teabaggers, that's a fine example of the problem. While Republicans like to bleat that "federal spending doesn't create jobs," the truth of the matter is that cutting federal spending ends up throwing a lot of people who work for private industries out of work, because those industries have federal contracts. So when the pork-slaughterers go to cut programs, even those congressmen who are all in favor of cutting federal spending don't want the programs that benefit their constituents cut.

"Don't cut me, don't cut thee, cut that man behind the tree."

We're all in this together and if the government is going to cut heating oil assistance and help for kids in college, they can damn well cut some of the military procurement programs.


montag said...

The House voted to cut the alternate engine. The Orange Boner can't control his own caucus.

Comrade Misfit said...

Yes, but that's just the first vote. OB will cut a deal with enough of them.