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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ar, Ar, Ar, More Power!

An 8-liter Bentley with a 42-liter engine.

Powered by a Packard V-12 from an old PT boat.


BadTux said...

Which said V-12 is, of course, a Packard-built Rolls Royce Merlin, of Spitfire fighter fame, except repurposed for aquatic duty. That was one versatile engine, the Brits powered their Cromwell, Comet, and Centurion cruiser tanks with a Merlin derivative too... indeed, every post-WW2 British tank up until they switched to diesel engines in 1966 was powered by a Merlin derivative. What an engine!

Comrade Misfit said...

I am not certain of that. Packard was building large engines before they build Merlins.

BadTux said...

Ack! You're right, a bit more research shows that the Packard 4M 2500 engine was purpose-built for marine purposes in the mid 1930's and unrelated to the Rolls Royce Merlin, which they did not start building until 1942.