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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I "Club" UPS

You may have seen the UPS logo that "they love logistics."

Well, I don't love UPS. I have something coming that was designated by the shipper as "adult signature required." All UPS will say is to expect delivery "by the end of the day", which is to say, anytime between 8:30AM and 5PM. And FSM help me if I happen to be in the bathroom when the Brown Pervert-Wagon* comes by.

In this day of computer tracking of everything that UPS does, one would think that they could give a better delivery estimate than "sometime during daylight." Even ComBastards Comcast and Verizon do better than that, nowadays.
* Really. Is there any more fitting job for a burglary scout or a sex offender than a delivery driver?


Fixer said...

My UPS idiot here doesn't even ring the bell, even if he needs a sig. Just dumps it on the front porch and splits. Thankfully, the dogs get all stoopit crazy when someone comes up the walk so I know to check, but a couple times when no one was home, me or the wife came back to find packages sitting there. Asshole.

Fixer said...

I'll add that my mailman, when we're not home and has a package too big to fit in the mailbox, brings it to the back door and leaves a note in the box with the other mail. Good man, he.