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Friday, February 11, 2011

Government Malfeasance Is a "State Secret."

If there was ever a "poster child" for why the State Secrets Privilege is evil, this one is it:
In late 2001, a government employee and his family sued the agency he worked for, saying it had placed them in a mold-contaminated home that made them sick and required nearly all their possessions to be destroyed.

But this was no ordinary case. The employee, Kevin M. Shipp, was a veteran Central Intelligence Agency officer. His home was at Camp Stanley, an Army weapons depot just north of San Antonio, in an area where the drinking water was polluted with toxic chemicals. The post includes a secret C.I.A. facility.

Declaring that its need to protect state secrets outweighed the Shipps’ right to a day in court, the government persuaded a judge to seal the case and order the family and their lawyers not to discuss it, and to later dismiss the lawsuit without any hearing on the merits, Mr. Shipp said.
There was some pretty nasty shit in the ground there, including buried mustard gas shells.

The assertion by the CIA spokestroll that “The CIA takes great care to help protect the health and welfare of its employees” is laughable, for it addresses none of the allegations and is the sort of mealy-mouth bureaucratic gobbledygook that means absolutely nothing. Every word in it is most likely a lie, including "the" and "of".

UPDATE: Probably no surprise that some functionary in the CIA just searched on Bing for any web page that mentioned Mr. Shipp. Don't you guys have democracies to overthrow somewhere or somebody to torture? You really give a fuck what some pissant bloggers have to say about you? Talk about having a thin skin.....

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