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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Will Everyone Just Shut the Fuck Up and Throw That Stupid Bint Into Jail?

Does anyone not doubt that if a certain bad-girl actress was not both rich and famous, that she would have been thrown into jail a long time ago?

With Libya in flames, the price of oil rising, gas prices approaching (or over) $3.50/gal, why should any "reputable" television news organization be spending even a picosecond of its precious air time on the doings of some Hollywood trainwreck?


Allan S said...

Just another sign of the decline of the western culture.....that and reality shows.....Allan

Anonymous said...

Well, the answer is simple. They are trying to distract the general public from the things that the oligarchs don't want to us to dwell upon. Either that or I am just too darn cynical.

BadTux said...

It's all about market share. The National Enquirer does shit like cover the dumb Hollywood bint beat (or the Edwards Mistress beat) because it sells newspapers. The other media outlets follow their lead.

So ask yourself why the American public even cares, and it's simple: everybody knows a dumb bad-girl blond bint who f*cks everything up. If this particular one had been born in a trailer house in Mississippi rather than in wherever she was born, she'd have already been married twice, been arrested for child abuse or domestic assault once, been arrested for shoplifting a couple of times, been arrested for domestic violence at least once and been the victim of domestic violence at least once because of her bad choice in men, and would have done a few months in jail already for all those crimes (no more than that, the jails are packed with drug addicts and serious crimes, with no room for dumb bints). Seeing a rich dumb bint do the same things they see the poor dumb bints in their community doing makes them feel better about the fact that they have those poor dumb bints in their community doing the same kinda shit... it's, like, "see, it's not just *us*, it's *everywhere*, even rich people do dumb shit like that!"

Of course, people will deny it if you ask them why they read these kinds of stories. But look. I was born in a trailer house in the piney woods. Ain't pullin' no wool over my eyes with them kinda denials...

- Badtux the White Trash Penguin

Chuck Pergiel said...

Change the channel. If you can't see or hear it, it doesn't exist.