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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conscientious Objection--Ripping Off the Rest of Us?

Shortly after Michael Izbicki, now 25, graduated from the Naval Academy in 2008, he decided that his Christian beliefs would not permit him to take part in war.
And yet, even though he had qualms about continuing to serve, he went to John Hopkins University on our nickel and earned a master's degree in computer engineering.

Maybe he's sincere in his beliefs. But what I see is that he received a fully-paid education, was awarded undergraduate and graduate diplomas, he walked away from that and may not have to pay anything back. Military educations are not free; instead of student loans, graduates pay the government back by full-time service. Izbicki should be made to pay for his education, either by cash or by labor.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. There are plenty of non-combat jobs. I am aware of many COs who acted as corpsmen. Saved lives, took care of people, and didn't have to shoot. Of course, they got shot AT, and plenty died. Somehow comparing them with this guy...rankles.

Anonymous said...

The timing of his Christian scruples leaves a lot to be desired. Can his paycheck be garnished?