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Monday, November 16, 2009

What She Said

Go read what Roberta X has to say on the subject of those idiots who maintain that only people who agree with them should have civil rights, freedom and liberty.


B said...

Were those of us who disagree with you willing to go to the lengths you accuse us of in stemming the tide of ignorant (yet protected) free speech, we might well start with you.

Yer an ass. And an ifnorant ass at that.

But I will fight to the death to protect you right to be an ass.

Which is not the same thing as those of us who disagree with you and Roberta are accused of.

Do you really think about what you post?

Comrade Misfit said...

Based on about 90 seconds worth of skimming your blog, I would respectfully suggest that asking "do you really think about what you post" is a question that you should be routinely asking yourself. But that really is not the point at hand.

I don't recall anyone arguing that "Christianity is incompatible with American values" based on McVeigh's terrorist attack in Oklahoma City or the string of bombings committed by Eric Rudolph (a self-professed Roman Catholic) or when John Salvi shot up two abortion clinics, killing two receptionists.

It is passably amusing that the only time that the religion of the terrorist matters to the Right is when the terrorist is a Muslim. I well remember how the Right engaged in all manner of anti-Muslim hysteria in 1996, until McVeigh was arrested.

The Right's bigotry in this matter is more than self-evident.