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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Number of Batshit-Crazy Candidates Only Continues to Grow

Lou Dobbs is mulling over running for either the Senate or the Presidency.

As far as I know, other than a couple of jobs in his early 20s, Dobbs has only had jobs which required that he talk into a microphone about things he knew very little about. Watch how quickly all of the Teabaggers who, up until today, claimed that Barack Obama was "too inexperienced to be President", can shift gears and fall in line behind Dobbs.


Sarah said...

Great news! I'll keep my fingers crossed he runs for President. Maybe Palin would take the VP spot again? Unlikely, though it would be a dream ticket, for a member of the Democrat(ic) party.

He exemplifies that side of the GOP I like to call the "I've got mine so p*ss off" wing. Anti immigration, anti welfare, anti taxation and rabid about "socialism".

Nangleator said...

War with Mexico!

But no invasion... we wouldn't want our soldiers getting Mexican war brides and bringing Mexican cooties back here.

Unknown said...

I knew that batshit crazy sumbitch would run for some office.

Good..hopefully he will suck like the rest of the extreme right nutters.