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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Does Owning a GPS Make You Stupid?

It might. People rely on them too damned much and this article shows how relying on them excessively may be hazardous to your brain health.


Unknown said...

Never really saw a need for one of them. Then again, I'm not a traveling salesman or package delivery man.

Eck! said...

I'm not lost, I'm spatially disoriented.

It's more than trivial. For years I've joked that never ask a local where he/she
xyz place is. Often they don't know or worse they use their references such as turn left at the defunct store.

Whats scary is that maps are very useful and people are not learning how to use them but instead they turn right at the tracks, err right on to the railroad tracks. Sometimes I think its' not orintation but simple comprehension.


Anonymous said...

Monkeys don't need a GPS to make them fucking stupid. President George W. Bush. *TWICE*. Just sayin, meow.

Sarah said...

Rudekitty, it was GWB only once; bad enough I suppose. The 2nd time was a judicial appointment.