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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Ultra-Realistic Modern Warfare Game Features Awaiting Orders, Repairing Trucks


Anonymous said...

What, you're saying that modern warfare is mostly just boring as all hell? Next thing you gonna tell me is that Marines don't jump into swimming pools naked except for their boxers and come outta the water fully clad into a combat zone? Ya don't say!

Sarah said...

Funny! There is such a thing as too realistic.

But, since you mention the game... I've wondered what real soldiers thought about the youth of today ( and some not so youthy ) "playing" at war in these games.

On this Veteran's day, I feel like gaming war for fun is just ... wrong, somehow. I don 't want to be a kill-joy, and I've spent my 15 minutes blasting zombies, left for dead ... flying "missions" in WW2 air combat multiplayer sims .. but wow. I just watched a snippet from the play for "Call of Duty 4" which features acting as a terrorist in a Russian airport. Blasting civilians and being deep undercover. Made me ill.