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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Libertarian Vacation Paradise

(H/T to a friend)


BadTux said...

I always laugh at the libertards when they whine about government being the problem, not the solution. Without government, those pasty flabby ass honkies would be somebody's bitch, because without government, it's the most violent and evil and venal, those who have no compunction about killing, who come out on top. Regular moral people don't like killing and hesitate before doing so. In a gunfight, he who hesitates loses.

That's why infantry training spends so much goddamned time teaching soldiers not to hesitate before killing, because for ordinary people as vs. sociopaths it's just not natural to kill another human being. But it takes government -- or something that might as well be called government -- to give that training to the large quantities of men needed to keep the sociopaths from taking over. Without that, the free rider problem kicks in and it doesn't happen because one group won't fund it because taking those sociopaths off the street benefits other groups too. It takes a society to keep sociopaths in jail where they belong rather than ruling us all... something that anarchists of all types (whether anarcho-capitalist a.k.a. "libertarian" or anarcho-socialist) simply don't seem to get.

- Badtux the Sociology Penguin

Comrade Misfit said...

The infantry got seriously into the "training killers" bit when they found out that the majority of infantrymen were deliberately not aiming their weapons at anybody. Shooting at round targets didn't get them in the right mindframe. Which is why they have shot at human silhouettes for decades, now.