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Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Told You Not To Trust Those Fuckers.

I did, indeed. I told you not to trust those fuckers behind Battlestar Galactica. I said so here and here and here.

But no, people had to go and get the DVD for "The Plan" anyway. And there are regrets being expressed.

Fools, all of them. The series finale was the biggest ass-fucking ever given to a loyal viewing audience since the "it was only a dream" fuck-over of "Dallas".

I reserve the right to (a) dump heavy amounts of snark and scorn on anyone who is gullible enough to watch either "The Plan" or "Caprica"; or (b) sell them a timeshare on Kobol.


Sue Burke said...

Yes, the ending was not only bad, it ruined everything that had gone before, no matter how good it had seemed at the time. I don't trust them to do any better in the future with anything, science fiction or otherwise.

Jerry Finn said...

OK, I await huge amounts of snark and scorn. I watched The Plan. Not worth it but at the same time not a complete waste of time. One subplot was about Simon, the cylon that got the least screen time in show. It would have made an excellent webisode length piece. The rest was a waste of time.

I told myself I would not watch Caprica. I did. I told myself I could not enjoy after that total sh** finale of BSG. I really liked.

Jerry - trying to get this money off my back - Finn

Comrade Misfit said...

Jerry, "reserve the right" doesn't mean I will do it.

So watching "The Plan" was a waste of time but not a *complete* waste of time? A wbeisode ran about 3-5 minutes, so the remaining 1:25:00 was garbage?

Jerry Finn said...

If you string all the 3-5 snippets together your typical webisode is about 20 minutes long. So only 1:05:00 was a waste of time.