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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Solo Hazards

I live in a smallish 1-br apartment with my cats. It's probably a good think I live alone, there is hardly room for my stuff as it is. But one of the drawbacks is when you're not feeling chipper, there is nobody to back you up.

I was out of yogurt, chicken broth and some other essentials, so I went to the grocery store. I did my shopping, slowly, and when it was my turn, some other checker came by, and gave the one on the checkout lane her keys. The check-out clerk started into this long dissertation of where she thought she had left her keys and where she had looked.

I felt like shit.

I was about thirty seconds away from yelling: "I've got a cold or the flu, lady. I am leaning heavily on this buggy, not because I am lazy, but because I have very little energy. So unless you want to see me pass out, barf all over your fraking work station or both, I suggest that you shut the frak up about your goddamn keys and check out my fraking groceries, you stupid cow!"

But I didn't. I kept my cool.


lahru said...

You know most people go through life doing the exact same thing. Those that don't are selfish, petulant people who do nothing but bother and frustrate those of us who live by a set of rules layed down by parents who lived by the same rules.

Phil said...

I feel your pain.
I have the third head cold of the year and just for fun, I got to take my 95 year old Granny shopping today.

Miserable doesn't begin to describe how I feel.

I hope you feel better soon.


Comrade Misfit said...

BN, I'll settle for "soon."