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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh, Hell No!

In an effort to find an alternative to higher gas taxes, Congress is considering taxing motorists by how far they drive.
Not only no, but hell, no!

I have no intention, ever, of letting anyone put a GPS tracking device on my car. I can think of nobody in any government anywhere who has any legitimate reason to know where I am driving at at what time. They have no need to know what shopping center I may go to at what time. They don't need to know when I go to a rifle range, to an airport, or to Ye Olde Salte Mine.

If we have learned anything from the abortive military dictatorship which was undertaken by the Tsar of the Baboons, it should be that (a) any information that can possibly be collected by the Federal government will be collected and (b) any restrictions that Congress or the courts on what can be done with that information will be circumvented or just flagrantly disregarded. The Federal government (or any state or local government, for that matter) simply cannot be trusted to follow privacy rules.

So hell, no. Scrap this idea and tell them to come up with something else.

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