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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why I Want to See Cruz Get the Nod

For years, the Wingnuts have been moaning "oh, if only the GOP would nominate a true conservative, they'd win". They said that after Grampa Walnuts and Caribou Barbie lost in `08 and then Flip-Flop Mitt and the Zombie-Eyed Grannie-Starver lost in `12.

So let's put their most cherished belief to the test. I'm betting that Cruz will get beaten like a bell at Notre Dame.


The New York Crank said...

Nah! Sorry, I don't buy it. The conservatives will simply point to the defeat of a Cruz as "proof" that he isn't conservative enough and that they need to next nominate someone who's even MORE Conservative. And after that flop, even more, more, moremoremoremore conservative still. And after that....etcetera.

You can't hope people will be swayed by evidence when they either don't believe the evidence, or don't believe what the evidence is telling them.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

avsutton said...

Beaten like a bell?

As the late and never-surpassed Hunter Thompson wrote of Richard Nixon "[He] needed to be beaten like a rat in a wastebasket."

Anonymous said...

Don't worry The Donald will save them from themselves and purge the Christian Taliban too.