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Sunday, March 6, 2016

.40 Short & Weak

I took my own suggestion. I bought a police trade-in DA/SA Sig P226 from Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. They advertised the guns as being in "fair condition", which I think is an understatement.

Judge for yourself:

It has been used, though, as you can see from the barrel:

I've found P226s as low as $399 recently, but those guns came with one magazine and shipping was about $25. For this one, shipping was free and it came with three magazines-- I don't know where I can buy two magazines for $15.

They could have wrapped it better, though. One pass with bubblewrap isn't that costly. There were a couple of scratches that appeared to be from the magazines bouncing off the dust cover. Big deal.

The fun was taking it to the range. I put up a standard silhouette and shot it at seven yards. It shot right to the center with the white-box Winchester Wally-World fodder. I then ran the target back to ten yards, fifteen and finally 25 yards. At 25 yards, I could keep them within the 8 ring-- not fantastic shooting with a new-to-me gun, but not bad.*

It has night-sights that are almost dead. If you were inside a coal bin in the middle of the night during the new moon, they might be usable. Double-action trigger pull is nice, single-action is pretty light. The Hogue "monogrip" has a slightly tacky feel to it.  At first, I didn't like them.  But I've got about 200 rounds through the gun and I'm warming to them.  Perfecta, W-W white box, Federal (Blazer) aluminum and some Winchester Defender, all fed and ejected without a bobble.

It's a solid gun. Given its condition and what I paid for it, it was a far better deal than the High Power that I bought a little while ago.

And no, I'm not running any "2,000 Round Challenge" with this.  I can't see a reason to do that.  Autoloaders have metal pieces sliding on other metal pieces-- running them without lubrication is, to my mind, insanity.

(Yes, before you ask, the oil gets changed in my car every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first.  Engines are costly. Oil isn't.)
* When I came off the range, the rangemaster was chuckling. I asked what was so funny. Seems some guys, who had been blasting away with a 9mm at seven yards, had earlier come out of the range into the showroom and said something along the lines of "holy shit, you see where she's got her target"?


Sevesteen said...

I asked Truglo about getting fresh tritium for sights that I used to own--they replied to send the slide with $37.50, they would rebuild and send it back. My guess is that other manufacturers would have something similar.

Old NFO said...

Nice find! :-) And if it works for you, so much the better!

Chuck Pergiel said...

Yea hah!

Bigcat said...

Our local mega gun store has police trade 23 gen 3 Glocks in .40 Smith for $329. Top bad I don't like Glocks

w3ski said...

I was once shooting my .45 acp at head sized rocks at the hundred yard line. I sat on top of the bench to use my knees to steady me, and used a tree in the distance for an aiming point. I was putting 7 of them in 'the basket' when a guy asked if I was shooting one of those 'necked down' .45 cartridges.
Made me feel good that day.
You keep hanging that target out there.