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Monday, March 21, 2016

Stun Guns are Legal, Maybe

In a "per curiam" opinion, the Court hinted that Massachusetts' ban on stun guns is illegal. Pity that they didn't outright strike it down, but I imagine the cards are favoring that; you can read the opinion. It's not very long.

But having a gun in your car when you park in the post office parking lot isn't, at least in the states that make up the 10th Circuit.

Anyway, a unanimous "per curiam" opinion is a very polite way of writing to the loser with a salutation of: "Dear Fucking Idiot". Which might leave a mark on the MA Supreme Judicial Court. Maybe their chief judge had other things on his mind.


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JayNola said...

I like the bit about the first amendment protecting electronic speech and the second amendment protecting electronic weapons.