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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A Brief Note to Trump, Clinton & Cruz

If any one of you three chuckleheads win in November, please know that a goodly percentage of the votes you receive will have been cast by people who don't like you, respect you or support your platform. They are voting for you because they detest the other guy more.

I saw a Cruz commercial this morning. It has to be the biggest pack of lies that came out the mouth of somebody who wasn't selling used cars in an economically depressed area. If his supporters truly believe his bilge that he's really going to repeal Obamacare, abolish the IRS, pass a 10% flat tax and protect the jobs of industrial workers, then, well, they're stupider than they look. They should be watched to ensure that they don't go outside during a thunderstorm and hold metal rods up in the air. Or maybe they should be encouraged to do just that.


montag said...

Where do we donate metal rods for these poor people?

CenterPuke88 said...

So, the point would be? The Big Two party system has failed the electorate, but until some changes occur, we won't really get a viable multiple party system. For the past however many years, voters have held their noses and voted a straight party line because the "other guy" is crazy/crazier/hated/hated more etc.

I voted for Bernie, filling understanding that he has no real chance to be the candidate. However, I can hope that his showing will move HRC to the left a bit and I also hope that he will swing his considerable campaign machine into action to support HRC...cause otherwise I have a truly terrible feeling that we'll get to see if Ben Carson is right that four failed years of tRump isn't too bad.

Doug T. said...

Montag, I'm with you. CenterPuke88 I voted for him too for the same reason (I'm in Massachusetts). And I think he has had a real impact on her campaign. Time will tell if it has the same impact on her as president, should she win.