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Thursday, March 17, 2016

240 Years Ago

The British packed up and left Boston, never to return.

The Massachusetts Militia, succeeded by the still-forming Continental Army, laid siege to the British garrison in Boston in 1775, following the battles of Lexington and Concord. When the Knox Expedition brought the heavy artillery from Ft. Ticonderoga to the siege, the British garrison realized that their positions were indefensible, that their ships could be shelled at will.

It took a week for the winds to blow in a favorable direction for leaving the harbor. By mid-morning on March 17, 1776, the British ships had sailed.

It was the first major American victory of the Revolutionary War, a war that afforded few events. We won the first fight, the last fight, and damn few inbetween.


Robert Fowler said...

Yeah, but we did win the war. That's the important part. I think we are about overdue for another one. The District of Corruption needs a good house cleaning.

CenterPuke88 said...

Why not use the Constitution, that is so oft venerated by those who suggest change is necessary, to make the change? Why a jump to violence? Perhaps, if you feel a change is due and a majority do not, it is just possible you are in the wrong? Or maybe changing your message to more clearly explain what you feel is wrong and what the goals are might get the majority to support your changes and cleaning.

LRod said...

They did pretty well at Saratoga, ending British designs on splitting the colonies, and sending Burgoyne packing.

ZJX, ORD, ZAU retired

Robert Fowler said...

CP88, Using the Constitution would be the best, but I don't think that will ever happen. It's what I have always called the No Good Son of a Bitch principle. Every election we keep re-electing the scum that are causing the problem. This is caused by the people and their thinking that "My Representative is wonderful and the rest are a bunch of no good sons of bitches". Until we can get the people to vote for change, we're stuck with the same old crap. It seems like most of the time, unless one screws up so bad, the only way to get rid of one is when they retire or run for higher office. We can't seem to get it in our thick heads that voting for the incumbent is not in our best interest. Rep's especially, can be replaced because the new ones can't make too big a mess in two years.

Back in the Founders day, the idea was to go serve a couple of terms and then go back to your life, whatever that was. Somewhere along the way we have become a government of career politicians that are there to feather their own nests above everything else. One thing that never should have been allowed was for them to vote themselves pay raises. That is a issue that should have been put before the voters and if we felt they were deserving, give them one. With the exception of 1976*, I've voted in every election since I became of age. One thing I can be most proud of is never voting a straight ticket. Too many people go in and vote for their party without even thinking. It's no wonder we are in the sad shape we are in.

*I was a Marine, in transit for emergency leave due to the deaths in both mine and my wife's family (bad week). It was also the last election my Father voted in, he voted for Carter.