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Monday, March 28, 2016

Because We All Know How Much Courts Love Intervening in the Electoral Process;
Donald the Cry-Baby Edition

Donald Trump is doing what he does best: Threatening a lawsuit - this time, challenging the way delegates are awarded in Louisiana.

The Republican front-runner took to Twitter Sunday to complain that he won the most votes in the state's primary, but could emerge with fewer delegates than rival Cruz. "Lawsuit coming," he wrote.

Trump's campaign spokeswoman didn't immediately respond to questions about the grounds on which Trump might sue.
Translation: "Waaahh!! No Fair!!!" Ima gonna SUUUEEEEE!!!1!"

I gather that he's just a spoiled, self-entitled rich brat. "10 uncommitted delegates" means that those ten can vote for whomever they want and if it's not The Donald, well, sucks to be him.

Beyond that, by threatening to sue every time things don't go his way, it's a good bet that Drumpf is torquing off a lot of people who will remember this. Especially since the GOP officially doesn't like lawyers (except when they need them to rig an election).

1 comment:

dinthebeast said...

It's not even a lawsuit he's threatening, no court has jurisdiction on a political party's nominating contest. He's threatening to file a complaint to de-certify the Cruz delegates from the LA state convention leadership positions and keep them from pulling any Ron Paul bullshit, which they (the Cruzers) are definitely planning on, by all appearances.
He just has to call it a lawsuit because threatening lawsuits is something he has been doing on a nearly daily basis for as long as I could stomach checking... Hint: he doesn't file many, and loses or settles out of most of those, so they're just another of his bullshit bullying tactics.

-Doug in Oakland