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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bashing Harold Ford: It's Like Taking a Baseball Bat to a Grapefruit

Seriously. Read the transcript of his interview with the New York Times and ask yourself whether or not they are toasting each other over in Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign headquarters. And this is the edited version, the full-text one has to be even juicier.

This is what you'll learn about Ford:

In the three years he has lived in New York City, he only got out of Manhattan to visit the rest of the city by taking a helicopter ride:
Q. I am not here to quiz you or try to embarrass you, but I do want to ask you about your life and travels in New York. So here goes. Have you traveled all five boroughs?
A. I will tell you what I did. I was able to do it. Kelly had a — Chief Kelly, Commissioner Kelly — invited, I guess, business people in the city, including Sir. Harold Evans, in my group. We spent the afternoon with the special operations force, and so I had the chance to helicopter to various areas in the boroughs. The only place I have not spent considerable time is Staten Island.
Q. Have you been to Staten Island?
A. I landed there in the helicopter, so I can say yes.
As far as the rest of the state goes, he's visited Buffalo and Syracuse. So let's look at some of this other statements:
  • He has not bothered to get a NY State driver's license.
  • He continued to vote in Tennessee after moving to New York City.
  • He was opposed to same-sex marriage when he was in Tennessee, but now he's for it.
  • He was pro-life in Tennessee, now he's pro-choice.
  • He was against gun control, now he's for it.
  • He is proud of the fact that he doesn't shoot at children.
  • He says he likes to walk, but he commutes by limo.
  • He gave money to his opponent.
  • He says cab drivers want him to run. (I think that they're trying to tell him: "Get out my cab, asshole.")
Note the one about him giving money to Gillibrand. Ford was quite specific that he gave her money "two days" after she was sworn in (which happened on January 27, 2009) and he claimed that he has a great memory for dates. But the NY Daily News found out that he really gave the money June 5, 2009, and that he apparently also fibbed about his employer.

Yeah, he is a regular guy who gets regular pedicures, pulls down over a million a year for doing nobody-is-too-sure-what, and despite his job at Bank of America that pays him seven figures, finds time to be a pundit on MSNBC and play around with the DINOs of the DLC.

Democrats don't need Ford; they've already got Lieberman to do the "stab everyone in the back" function.



Ruckus said...

You of course know how to tell a true politician from a normal human? The only words that come out of their mouth are lies. Lies roll off the tongue of a politician like water over Niagara.
But too many people don't seem to be able to accept this simple concept. The conservatives have struck gold by figuring that a majority of people will believe any thing as long as you can attach some sort of religiousness, so they cloak themselves in religion or become some sort of religious leader and the lies don't matter. Or didn't happen. Now you're going to ask what about the financial geniuses? Well having money has been turned into a religious experience in many cultures, but especially ours, therefore a person with lots of money can tell no lies.

Cujo359 said...

I wonder how little talent you can get away with having if you are photogenic and willing to say the things rich people want to hear. We seem to be conducting a national experiment along these lines.

There's an ostensible progressive in the primary, Jonathon Tasini. Here is his FDL Seminal page and a chat he did at FireDogLake. I don't know if he would be a useful progressive legislator or not, but at the moment I figure he couldn't be any worse than the average progressive legislator in Congress.