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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Yep, Just Turning the Corner on Covid, Donnie

The numbers keep getting worse, setting new records each day for the number of new cases.

Don the Defeated came out of his Bunker of Butthurt yesterday, to speak to reporters about the pandemic and all of the things that he is taking credit for. It was mostly a tissue of lies and half-truths. In other words; same shit, different day.

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DTWND said...

They’ve given up prior to the election on even giving the slightest idea that this administration is concerned about the Coronavirus. The main focus now is how to fight the election itself. It is based on the fear of being perceived as a loser, fear of being prosecuted, and trying to save face after making outrageous statements during the campaign. Trump would rather destroy the nation than concede that he is not wanted as a leader.