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Sunday, November 8, 2020

Caturday, Memorial Edition

Sammy, 2002 (or earlier)-2020

Sammy was the cat of my co-blogger, Eck!. He was adopted after Boo passed away. Sammy was already an old man; his previous owner (or servant) was also elderly and had to move into a care faciity where pets were not permitted.

He was kind of a gentle giant of a cat, he loved his humans. In recent months, he began showing signs of kidney disease, which is a common problem with geriatric cats. Last night, it took a hard turn for the worse, and it became his time to go over the Rainbow Bridge.

Fair winds and following seas, Sammy.


DTWND said...

Condolences, Comrade


JustMusing said...

Heartfelt condolences, Comrade

Tod Germanica said...

You know it's coming but it always hurts. You gave him a good old age, all we can do. Sorry.
SPCA is again adopting out cats and kittens here, only by appointment lately. Not a covid vector, I assume, unlike minks and pangolins and bats, oh, my.

Comrade Misfit said...

Thanks, everyone, but to be clear: Sammy wasn't my cat. He was Eck!'s cat.

Ten Bears said...

Which explains why Eck! is a bit more vocal today than usual.

Can't speak to cats, but I always hated losing a dog.

CenterPuke88 said...

Condolences Eck! We just lost Lily, a sweet little Persian, from kidney issues, unfortunately hereditary, at age 7. It’s never easy, but reflecting on all the great memories still makes me smile rather than cry, as I’m sure you do too

Eck! said...

Thank you everyone.

Missing a companion be it canine or feline is never easy.
They are with you long enough that you become attached,
they are family.

So yes it hurts like hell and I'm a bit raw as a result.

He had a long standing kidney issues and was managed, til
very recently. He was outwardly healthy and active up
til his last two days. Being an indoor cat and well
known to his vet likely helped.

The house feels so empty now.


John Gall said...

Sorry for your loss. My wife and I know the pain of loosing a cat.
Take care.
John Gall