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Monday, November 16, 2020

It is Time to Face a Bitter Truth

In that there has been no credible evidence of massive voter fraud anywhere in the country, this fact is now obvious:

One can either be loyal to Donald Trump or loyal to the United States of America. One cannot be both. Those who persist in their loyalty to Trump are helping to tear down this country. They are, in truth, doing the work of Vladimir Putin, who would like nothing better than to see Americans tear down their own democracy. Yes, if you buy Trump's lies, you are one of Putin's useful idiots.

If you are still loyal to Trump, then stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance. You are lying every time that you do, you treasonous putz.


Frank Wilhoit said...

Putin is a Red herring (see what I did there? O, I crack self up sometimes.). He benefits today, but he did not originate any of this. You may take it back as far as you want to. Any particular person might choose to say that it started with any of the following:

2001: G. W. Bush, as literally his first act in office, resurrects the Huston Plan (see below)
1993: Unanimous Republican demonization of Clinton and (tacitly) his voters
1980: Incitement to domestic genocide by deniable surrogates of the Reagan campaign
1970: The original Huston Plan
1950: McCarthy lies about Communists, universally known to be lies at the time, "Communist" == metonymy for "Democrat"
1930s: Colonel McCormick, Father Coughlin, etc.
1919: A. Mitchell Palmer (Att'y Gen'l in a Democratic admin.!)

I don't care which, I don't care why: everything new is old again.

seafury said...

Like the shirt I saw on a trumpanzee" BetterRussian than democrat!!!!" Go figure.

Ten Bears said...

Whatever happened to "Better Dead than Red"?

B said...

There is a great deal of credible evidence. TO deny that shows your partisanship and ability to lie to yourself. You are as intelligent as anyone here, so if you truly believe that there is no evidence, then you should seek help..your rationality is in doubt.

The question is is provable in a court of law?

Comrade Misfit said...

There is no credible evidence of massive voter fraud, B. If there was, it would have already been introduced into court already.

You need to put down that cup of Trump Koolaid, B. It's rotting your mind.

DTWND said...

My cat groomer’s - aunt’s - second cousin (twice removed) - hair dresser’s - garbage man says he SAW some crumpled up papers with some mustard spots that spelled out S_ _ w_y. That was definitely a Trump vote that wasn’t counted. We need to contact Fox, OAN, Breitbart, and Q-anon to start an investigation immediately. There’s some more “credible” evidence of widespread fraud.

Give me a break.


Eck! said...

Bah bumhug!

We know there will be the occasional vote or even a few.
However one or even 10 is not statistically valid unless
there are less than maybe a few hundred or a thousand.

Thats a statistical likelihood. Is there enough to overturn
an election, also possibly but statistically unlikely.

The proof has to be credible, applicable, and documented
and should withstand basic tests for validity.

So far all we hear is "there was fraud", well if that were
true drag out the dead horse. Showing me the poop is not
proof of a dead horse.


dinthebeast said...

Perhaps we will have to employ Four Seasons Total Trump Removal and Composting.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Chief Squirrel said...

Claim millions of votes for Trump changed, but not millions of votes for Senate, Congress, state propositions, local initiatives, judges, sheriffs, school board members, dog catchers.

Comrade Misfit said...

Chief Squirrel, exactly. If they were stealing votes in Georgia, there would be two new Democratic senators.

dan gerene said...

But what about the dead people voting. The proof is that a Michael Smith voted and in the obituaries three years ago there was a Michael Smith that died. So there's your proof because a lot of Smiths have died and there are still Smiths voting.

Ten Bears said...

And Jones. Bob Jones died in May* so all the Bob Jones out there alive are frauds.

*True dat, I knew him, was original antifa.

dinthebeast said...

Actually, the real problems occurred with the "Jose Gonzalez"s, who often didn't even have the same middle name, but were purged from the voter rolls for being registered in a different state in 2016.

-Doug in Sugar Pine