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Friday, November 6, 2020

No Surprise For the NYPD

One of their "bad apples" was the guy who was in charge of EEO policies and enforcement.

An anonymous and prolific poster on the Rant, a law-enforcement message board where current and former police officers vent, often in racist, misogynistic, and homophobic terms, may be a high-ranking NYPD officer in charge of fighting workplace harassment. This morning the City Council Oversight and Investigations Division released a report on Deputy Inspector James Kobel, who appears to have posted hundreds of racist comments using the pretty unimaginative nom de plume “Clouseau.”
Councilmember Ritchie Torres called the report “a bombshell” and one of his final acts as chair of the City Council’s Oversight and Investigations Division before he heads to Congress. One of Torres’s investigators connected Kobel, who has been on the force for more than 28 years, to Clouseau by matching personal details Closeau dropped in his anonymous posts to publicly available information about Kobel. For example, Clouseau said that he joined the police department on June 30, 1992, the same day Kobel joined the NYPD. Last October, Clouseau mentioned that he’d proposed to his wife on December 10, 2005. A New York Post gossip column published on December 15, 2005 congratulated Kobel on his engagement. Clouseau and Kobel share other commonalities, including the year their fathers died (at the same age, after serving the same length of time in the NYPD), the date their mothers died, and the fact that they’re both the youngest of seven children.

Until yesterday, Kobel, 50, served as commander of the NYPD’s Equal Employment Opportunity Division, a subunit of the department’s Office of Equity and Inclusion, whose mission is to foster “an equitable and inclusive work environment” through work that has a “direct impact on how our employees interact with the diverse communities we serve.” Kobel’s unit, the EEO division, was responsible for facilitating changes in guidelines, including “the NYPD’s policy on pregnancy and lactation, beards, religious head coverings, and transgender policies.”

And nobody at the NYPD knew that the racist/sexist/homophobic asshole on "the Rant" was the guy in charge of EEO policies and enforcement for the NYPD?

Yeah, sure they didn't know. Inspector Clouseau was being supervised by whom, Capitane Renault?

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Stewart Dean said...

Recently it appears that the NYPD trapped protesters by blocking off a street at both ends before curfew went into effect, then assaulted them after curfew. NYTimes Account:

Mayor DeBlasio goes on the WNYC Brian Lehrer show every Friday mid-morning, answers call-in questions......and got questioned about this kettling this AM...
He danced and sang and BSed and pretty much shredded his credibility. You can listen here:

NYPD must have him by the balls.