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Thursday, November 5, 2020

As Trump Fumes and Exercises His Senses of Grievance and Entitlement.....

The cornonavirus pandemic keeps burning through this country:

Thanks to the leadership (or lack thereof) of Donald John Fucking Trump, the United States leads the world in new cases of Covid-19 and in deaths from the virus.


BadTux said...

But it's just the flu.


Ten Bears said...

'Muirkkka (does a little fist pump) Foke Yeah!

We're Number One!

CenterPuke88 said...

The line below that, India, makes an interesting comparison and shows how badly we have failed!

Eck! said...

Nasty bug.

Seems Nunavut (arctic circle region) was the only place that
had 0 cases. Now its not. The bug made it there and has
sickened one person before being discovered and they are in
quarantine. The First Nations region is prepared and has
basically locked down as the nearest facility to do serious
care is only 35 beds. So they are trying to stop it before
it gets a foothold.

They are trying to figure out how (and contact trace) it got
up there as any travel in Canada is limited by a 2 week
quarantine prior to arrival.

If anything not taking precaution is the fast way to fail
and even with procedures in effect it can fail if the
smallest detail is missed.