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Sunday, November 15, 2020

The March of the Bitter Dead Enders, in 1/100th Scale

Saturday’s “Million MAGA March” in Washington D.C. failed to live up to its name, in that only thousands of people—nowhere near a million—gathered in the nation’s capital over the weekend to protest the right of their fellow Americans to vote for someone other than Donald Trump to be President.

Less than ten thousand people showed up to march in Trump's Alternate Reality Parade. That didn't stop Kayleigh McEnany, otherwise known as Baghdad Bob's Biological Daughter, from inflating the crowd size by over a factor of 100.

This election, other than the Georgia runoffs, is over. That won't stop our Toddler-in-Chief from throwing his temper tantrums while the cornonavirus burns throughout the country.

I keep reading calls by Democrats to "let bygones be bygones, let Trump throw his fits and when he goes, pardon him and put this behind us".

To that I say:
Fuck That Noise!

The longer this Trumpist bullshit goes on, the more and more I believe that the proper remedy is to strip the bark off Trump, the Trump Ogranization and his kids; to make plain to the world what a pack of criminals they are. And before you start saying that's wrong and unfair, let me remind you that is exactly what the Senate Republicans tried to do to Joe Biden and his family. The Senate Republicans went after Hunter Biden and, in the last month of the campaign, were stuck with having to quietly issue a statement that there was nothing to see.

Bill Barr tried to open bullshit investigations of this election, only to have his prosecutors come back and tell him there was nothing to see.

That's before we get into the pasta bazillion Benhazi investigations, which found nothing, or the Clinton email investigations, which found essentially nothing.

So now, let it be Trump's turn in the barrel. My guess is that by the end of 2021, Trump will have been indicted.*
* He's one hell pf a flight risk, which should call for a bail amount in the ten figures.


Tewshooz said...

Dream on

Stewart Dean said...

ten figures....lessee..Trump his pissant self, Ivanka, Jared, DonJr, Melanie (for clear cutting the Rose Garden and Christmas decoration), Bill Barr, DeVos, the undertakers of Postal Service and Census, the sweethearts of HOmeland Security, all the acting Trump nomenlatura shills.....hmmm, set stiff bail for all of them, let them all flee to Russia and retire the national debt with the bail....
And if Trump stiffs his creditors for a few billion, why, it's what they deserve for enabling his flim-flam; there's no honest men in any of those financial operations

Give him a send off of cordial loathing of the monumental fraud (misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance) of the most incompetent and corrupt Presidency ever.

Doug T. said...

If he wants to flee, let him. Try him in abstentia and when he returns, grab him, cuff him, strip him, and put him in with the hard core.

The New York Crank said...

Nah! First of all, the S.O.B. is likely to pardon himself before he packs his bags. While the legality of this is dubious at the moment, given the current makeup of the Supreme Court, it may not stay that way.

Fortunately, it would appear that Trump could be in considerable hot water vis-a-vis New York State law (where is self-pardon would not apply) concerning insurance fraud, taxes, and other matters. Let the local prosecutors skewer him while Biden stays above the fray and maybe talks some of Trump's followers down from the trees. That would be the best of both worlds.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

Ten Bears said...

I just want to see them stripped, of everything, from car keys to credit cards, cell phones, citizenship, clothes; marched naked down Fifth Avenue to a slow-boat to whatever third-world shit-hole will have them, cuz you know Putin isn't. They got nuthin', and they sold out their country, how could you possibly let someone like that into your's?

Yeah yeah, I know, I know I told you not to confuse me with a liberal but sometimes... what good would come of offing them, aeh? Who's gonna' pay to incarcerate them? I confess to probably enjoying seeing a bit of pain meted out, I am afterall a bastard nobody wanted, and it's long been my contention the best way to deal with these scum is hang a few, but seriously: what good would it do?

Which isn't to say (I seriously hope he earns his way out of the nickname) Status Quo Joe should let bygones be bygones, or that his little pitbull of a prosecutor vp shouldn't be prosecuting crimes against the nation going back twenty or so years ago, at least.

Prosecute them, convict them, and then throw them the fuck out.

Tod Germanica said...

I'm with Tewshooz, none of trump's family or extended crime family will see the inside of a cell. Probably not even a fine. Look for the next version of the Panama Papers to find out where the Trumpite Klan stashed the money they stole from us. The US does not prosecute our criminal plutocrats and would-be dictators-see Roger Stone's hero Tricky Dick. I hope I'm wrong.

dinthebeast said...

Even if he doesn't get incarcerated for the loan and tax fraud stuff, there's still the piss poor state of his businesses which are in debt up to their eyeballs and need to pony up hella soon.
Probably his only hope is to keep the grift going and say he's running in 2024 so as to continue fleecing the rubes, and even still there will likely be some asset liquidation in the scenario.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

CenterPuke88 said...

Amusingly, lack of an extradition treaty has not prevented extradition in a number of cases, to and from the U.S. the leading candidates for Donnie’s exile would be Russia, China and Saudi Arabia, in that order. The Russian option might be preferred, but Vlad might not be as supportive after Donnie leaves office, and the Saudis will likely not want to annoy a new Administration...so China it is. China just signed a new trade treaty on the SW Pacific that excludes the U.S., and is still spending money to gain influence around the world. What better propaganda victory than sheltering an ex-President?