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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proof

That's my message to those claiming massive fraud: Show your proof. If there's massive fraud, you should be able to easily produce massive evidence of that.

So far, other than the rage-tweeting of Soon-to-Be-Former President Trump, there's nothing. Oh, there's some fourth-hand rumors of boxes of fake ballots that turned out to be photography equipment and lies about the use of Sharpies, but all of that is smoke, mirrors and bullshit.

If you're claiming fraud, you must show real proof. Not innuendo, not conspiracy theory manure, real proof suitable for admission in a court of law.

Otherwise, quit wasting our time and shut the fuck up.


Murphy's Law said...

So then you're not opposed to a proper investigation of the claims, right? Let's give it at least as much attention as we gave the accusations against Justice Kavanaugh and the countless unproven but highly publicized claims against President Trump. Let's put it all on the table in the light of day and then maybe those up us who are "skeptical" will be satisfied. One thing's for sure: If these claims aren't addressed, the suspicion will never go away and Joe will have that asterisk next to his name for all time.

Comrade Misfit said...

You guys want to waste your money at that, go ahead. But as far as a government-funded investigation, without probable cause, no fucking way.

It's impossible to prove a negative to those fueled by conspiracy theories. You guys can go indulge yourselves in your QAnon-fueled conspiracies at your own cost. Not ours.

DTWND said...

Has anyone else said something about the fact that Trump supporters wave Trump flags, while Biden supporters wave AMERICAN flags? Isn’t that proof enough that Trump is a narcissist and the supporters are just part of a cult? Just thought I’d point that out.


BadTux said...

The reality is that short of a thousand Box 13's turn up with 100% Trump votes in them, this election is over. With modern electronic counting and with Republican observers at every table observing the opening of ballots and the feeding of them into the counting machines, the chances of massive fraud are so miniscule that only sycophantic morons could actually believe that it could happen. And microfraud -- occasional misfeeds here and there, or occasional dead bodies voting -- isn't pervasive enough to change the outcomes of elections given that both sides are both doing it at the same time and tend to cancel each other out.

What we have here is a case of sore losers upset that they lost. Wahhh!

B said...

"You guys want to waste your money at that, go ahead. But as far as a government-funded investigation, without probable cause, no fucking way.

It's impossible to prove a negative to those fueled by conspiracy theories. You guys can go indulge yourselves in your QAnon-fueled conspiracies at your own cost. Not ours."

And yet you supported the investigation into the "Russian" hoax against Trump, at Taxpayer expense, with even less Probable Cause.

But then again, that's different because Republican..And Trump, right? Double standards and all that.

I would think that you would want openness and clarification if only to uphold our election system's integrity.

Or are you skeered of what might be found?
Cause you know, even if you won't admit it, that a whole bunch of things look sketchy. Yer not stupid, even if you illogically hate Trump. You have to be as suspicious as the rest of us if you are honest with yourself.

The ends generally don't justify the means, even in politics.

BadTux said...

White supremacy is a hella drug. Just sayin'. White supremacists will do anything for a hit of their favorite drug. Rant about bizarre conspiracy theories with zero evidence supporting them, vote for a white supremacist even if the white supremacist is an incompetent grifter, whatever. It's all about the next hit, man. White supremacy makes them feel good, it's a higher high than heroin even, and they just can't get enough of it.

Eck! said...


STFU! Enough whatabout. Your messiah is done, it was four years of
no honor and damn lies.

We have to accept everything in the spew as true even though a the
most trivial fact check says its just another lie.

Bring the evidence and you can bet you ass it will be prosecuted.
None of the Jones and Limbach manufactured conspiracy theories.


B P said...

Ah, beyond double standards then. The very call to consistency condemned as "whatabout" and dismissed out of hand. What are we to do in response to such treatment? How are we to live around people who deliberately and contemptuously reject such appeals?

Ten Bears said...

Now y'awl, be fair, these days there doesn't need to be a theory for it to be a conspiracy.

Just any random thing that comes out the tailpipe. Is a conspiracy, I tells ya'.

Tweakers, Bad Tux, junkies haven't lost it all, yet. Meth-heads.

Who else is up this early?

dinthebeast said...

In the spirit of charity on this historic day, I say we all pitch in and buy the Q people an I.
Frank the fuck Luntz, that radical leftie, accurately summarized the requirements for election changing fraud in our election system as "Bond film level of conspiracy that just isn't gonna happen" but that kind of thinking, if you can call it that, is very appealing to those with a limited understanding of the workings of elections and a burning desire to win them.
See also: Benghazi, fast and furious, IRS discrimination against conservatives.
If there were any chances of statistically significant election fraud, it wouldn't be with paper ballots, it would be with electronic voting software, which is, I'm assuming, why Republicans love the latter and want to stamp out the former.
It's apparently still beyond the FSB's grasp to hack paper ballots, but I don't seem to be seeing any follow up to the reporting a few weeks ago that they had gained access to voter data bases, so yeah, if we do investigate, let's really investigate.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Leo Knight said...

Back in 1994, in my home state of Maryland, Republican Ellen Sauerbrey lost the Governor's race to Paris Glendening. She immediately claimed it was the result of massive voter fraud. She went on local talk radio stations, saying she had evidence of "tens of thousands" of cases of voting in the names of dead people in black areas. When the case came to trial, before a Republican judge, her attorneys mentioned only 89 cases, and had no evidence to back it up. The judge dismissed the case.

Eck! said...

>> The very call to consistency condemned as "whatabout" and dismissed out of hand. <<<

Yes, consistent lies and conflation of things that are not proved but are to
be accepted as the truth. All argument and no evidence, no facts, its the substance of air.

>> What are we to do in response to such treatment? <<

Put up or shut up. All I've heard is whining that "they said, or its on utube"
as proof. Seriously, is that the best you can do?

>>How are we to live around people who deliberately and contemptuously reject such appeals? <<

I call them liars. Its always some things that cannot be checked or
matches a world view that is suspect from go.

If it is true bring it to a judge, bring the so called Utube video with no substance or proof and see how it stands up. Put your treasure on the line,
pay the lawyer to stand for you and present the facts.

There is no Bond, or super villain. they were from Ian flemings fertile mind
others that followed his template.

There are people that do not accept that everything said in the last 4 years
and some before is unsubstantiate bullshit without a check on it first. Them
man lies and got people to believe them. Be careful, you may prove a few did
do something illegal, but you need to prove that across more than a few states
by some super organization setup and executed a plan and left not a trace.

Maybe some day we will get something from Q that is not some vague
fabrication. I will not hold my breath. Q is a fabrication.


Stewart Dean said...

A college classmate and professor at the University of Alabama wrote :
Spend one month in Alabama, one week reading the Wall Street Journal editorials and op-ed pages, one day listening to Rush Limbaugh and watching FOX News (including one hour with Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, and Sean Hannity), one minute with Mark Levin, and one second with Alex Jones, and you’ll see how the 70 million "American patriots" proudly voted for their great whine-hope.
The right needs a cessation of the poison they been fed and detox to recover their sanity.

Comrade Misfit said...

All the right-wing ranting and still no evidence. Not even enough to qualify as probable cause.

Comrade Misfit said...

Let's be clear: Trump was never going to admit that he lost fair and square. He has said as much and so have his die-hard supporters. You guys in the Trump camp were always going to claim voter fraud.

That's what you do. You bellyache about mythical fraud as a way to try and stop people from voting. Close polling places, purge voter rolls, and so on and so forth. Voter suppression is your thing. And when the people do turn out, you fall back on baseless claims of fraud.

You lost, fair and square. Prove otherwise, or go away and console yourself with the Onan News Network and QAnon inanities.

Ten Bears said...

Troll over at another one of the few places I hang out at said it best:

We're stuck with these assholes for at least a couple more months.

They'll not give up, just move on to some other made up bullsht.

Trump? Who? Never heard of 'im.

Waste of air.

DTWND said...

B, your talking out your ass again. Anything against your boy HAS to be a hoax, fabrication, a falsehood, or a conspiracy by the media, the left, the Democrats, and anyone else who criticizes your hero. And now that he has been out-voted by Biden, it just HAS to be rigged, a stolen election, with the media, Democrats, the inner circle, and other nefarious entities meeting in the smoke filled basement of a New York pizzeria to conspire against Trump. Get real.

The right has been taken in by Trump’s charisma. You’ve been fed constant lies. Fox News hasn’t been kissing Trump’s rear enough for the right so you turn to OAN and QAnon for the “truth.”

The election was legitimate. Even IF there are some discrepancies in some areas, it’s not enough to overcome the total vote for Biden. Hope you come out of the haze soon. The future is looking better.


Nangleator said...

I loved the threat here of trump fans promising they won't forget...

As if they had a choice: They have been stuck in that trap from the beginning. Doomed to churn around conspiracies and fantasies over this election until the day they die. Doomed to rot in that mental prison they created for themselves.

Ten Bears said...

I'm certainly not going to forget. Nor will I forgive.

Republicans in public should be made to wear a yellow armband with a pink Trump "T".