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Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Just a Simple Observation

In a post-election contest, in general, the side that thinks it's winning isn't the side that's running to court and bleaating about how so unfair it's been.


Stewart Dean said...

OTOH, the Orange Sun-King constantly brays L'etat c'est moi, suborns our governance to make it so and whines/bullies at the least resistance to making it so.
The legal maneuvering would be happening even if Biden had buried him in a landslide.
Mr. FUBAR is outraged (I say OUTRAGED) and annoyed/pissed/whiny that the world doesn't rotate around him. If he could sue God, he would.

Doug T. said...

If he could sue god he would.

A state senator out west (Utah or Nevada?) tried that years ago and it was thrown out of court because the court papers could not be delivered to him. To which the senator replied, If he is all knowing and everywhere, hasn’t he received them? These are the moments that help me get through the day.