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Saturday, November 28, 2020

More Bullshit from the Loser-in-Chief

One day after [thoroughly defeated] President Donald Trump said he would leave the White House on January 20 barring a massive revolt from Electoral College voters, Trump walked back his statement on Friday.

In a tweet, Trump says that President-elect Joe Biden will only be allowed in the White House if he can prove that he had 80 million votes.

That's nothing but Grade-AAA Fine Bullshit. Biden has won 306 electoral votes. He doesn't have to prove anything to Trump the Loser. Those who allege fraud and the like have the burden of proof.

This was a free, fair and secure election, Trump's unhinged and delusional whining to the contrary.

But there will be no shortage of Trumpanzees who will now parrot that Biden has to prove that there was no fraud. Every Trump supporter who claims that is proving that they are not loyal to this country, they are only loyal to Trump. Oh, they love to claim that they are patriots, but they are nothing but yellow-bellied traitors, every last one of them.


MarkS said...

January 20 should be an interesting day.

Frank Wilhoit said...

The interesting day will be the one on which the findings of the Electoral College are presented to Congress. 20 Jan. will probably be a snoozer, by comparison. Trump is making noises about having a rally, but I suspect he will have substantial difficulty finding -- and paying for -- a venue.

seafury said...

He ain't goin anywhere folks. Couple of reasons, one, article 2. Two, when the militias head to Washington to surround the White House, the military will stand down. No way the military will stand up against Y'allkaida. He's president for as long as he wants to be. Ain't no law against it when ya been cheated. (I love channeling my inner trumpanzee. It's kind of like cosplay)

Ten Bears said...

The militias are welcome to point their little pop-guns at the US Army.

The crowd comparison should be interesting, the walk down Penncyltucky Avenue.

What happens if the chief vigilante of the ideologically stacked panel of non-elected partisan activist catholic illuminati vigilantes refuses to swear Joe Biden in? And where did all that furniture go? Is it going to turn up in a teevee studio somewhere? Bahrain? Saudi Arabia? Israel?

And where's my helicopter? I was promised a helicopter. T-Star be just fine.