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Friday, November 6, 2020

What is Wrong With Trumpanzees?

Two men armed with loaded handguns were arrested Thursday near the Philadelphia convention center where an ongoing vote count could decide the presidential election, police said.

Joshua Macias, 42, and Antonio LaMotta, 61, traveled from the Virginia Beach, Virginia, area in a Hummer and did not have permits to carry the weapons in Pennsylvania, police said.

They were arrested after the FBI in Virginia relayed a tip about their plans to Philadelphia police. Officers stopped the men on the street about a block away from the vehicle, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said. ... A silver Hummer with Virginia license plates was parked Friday at the location where police say they found the men. It was adorned with an American flag and a window sticker for the right-wing conspiracy theory QAnon.

These people are dangerous as hell and it's been going on for years. Those who follow conspiracy theories and sign onto groups such as QAnon belong in locked wards on a steady diet of powerful drugs.


Eck! said...

A long stay in the graybar hotel, makes them felons and unable to
own guns or possess them.

It would be a waste to drug them and likely, they would enjoy it.


dinthebeast said...

Most of the folks I know who are that crazy are already on a lot of drugs. I still can't honestly say whether the drugs made them crazy or the crazy drove them to the drugs, but I had a phone conversation with one such crazy person last night who claims to have been gainfully employed for the past ten months, so perhaps there's hope?

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

Let's see, how can we count the ways (ah, ah, ah):

1) Load un-permitted weapons in the back of
2) Silver $50,000 jacked-up Hummer with "Q" in back window and
3) Per the UCMJ an American flag in sore need of burning
4) Drive across state lines after having

There's an 8th grade education in there somewhere as well. I'll tell you what the problem with the Trumpanzies, the trumpsuckers, (and I've a couple of ;em my family) are/is: "Law Enforcement" has for so long turned a blind eye wink 'n nod to this behavior for so long that the damned fools expect to get away with it. It's that whole white-exceptionalist thing, Dog's Chosen People, as dumb as the Ghost Dance, but with the GD we at least knew what we were getting in to, what we were trying to do. Aggravate/complicate that with several layers of doctor drugs and a no doubt liberal application of alcohol and voila!

I'll bet it all started in a barroom. Speaking as a reformed drunk, which of course there's nothing worse than ;). Who hasn't (willingly) taken taken a "drug", even and including doctor drugs, not even asprin, since 10.7.87. I would be surprised if this were the only instance. It is the not necessarily logical though thoroughly demonstrated end result.

Regardless the movies, back in the wild wild west they generally made you hang up your guns at the edge of town. Check in with the sherriff, all that. The alternative were vigilant townspeople.

dan gerene said...

I got it figured out. The Q people aren't smart enough to have even a low IQ. All they got is the Q.

Eck! said...

IT would seem like opsec is meaningless to them.

That or it was one of those missions that start with, Cletus hold mah beer.

Here's your sign!


dan gerene said...

I can't remember where I seen it recently but the question was posed why does it seem that there is a lot more people believing in conspiracy theories. They don't understand what is going so wrong with their lives and what is going on around them. They are scared and confused. A conspiracy where they can blame someone else makes sense to them. A pandemic and four years of Trump's rhetoric has really set them off. Being mentally lazy means that for them a conspiracy is a quick and easy answer to what they can't comprehend.