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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Georgia Secretary of State, a Republican, Accuses Fellow Republicans of Trying to Steal the Election

He's getting death threats because he's not playing along with Lickspittle Lindsey and the rest of the Trumpers.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Monday that Republican leaders such as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) have been putting pressure on him to exclude legal ballots in order for President Trump to be declared the winner and earn the state's 16 electoral votes.
Raffensperger said he and his wife have received death threats recently, including one that read, “You better not botch this recount. Your life depends on it,” he told the Post.
Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) has also been critical of Raffensperger, accusing him of siding with Democrats because he has not backed voter fraud claims more fervently.

In response to Collins's accusations, Raffensperger said, "I’m an engineer. We look at numbers. We look at hard data. I can’t help it that a failed candidate like Doug Collins is running around lying to everyone. He’s a liar."

Trumpists are unhinged. They are entitled to their own beliefs, sure, but they are not entitled to their own set of facts.

Fact: COVID-19 is a real virus. It is not "just another flu".

Fact: Over 250,000 Americans have died of COVID-19. When the excess deaths from not seeking treatment for other things, or seeking treatment toolate, are added in, the toll is over 350,000.

Fact: COVID-19 was not engineered in a Chinese bioweapons lab.

Fact: The election this month was the most secure in American history. There is no evidence of massive voter fraud.

Fact: Even when Trump managed to put together a task force to uncover massive voter fraud in the 2016 election, that task force found nothing.

Fact: Donald Trump lost his bid to be re-elected, fair and square.

This is reality. There are descriptive words for those who deny reality.

Well, maybe the election wasn't exactly fair and square. Donald Trump lost in spite of Republicans' decades-long efforts to rig the system, as this guy has pointed out:
It does, indeed.


DTWND said...

Question for those of you on the right. When you make claims of having guns and know how to use them, do you intend to target others on the right that don’t conform to Trump in the strictest sense? Do you really want to take up arms to get your way? Start a Civil war? Do you mean to threaten everyone that doesn’t agree with YOUR world view? Do you even know what your target is, other than to just shoot someone to ease your inner anger and turmoil? Be cause it sure appears that way as your leader throws his tantrums and the right just follows along.

Rule of Law party, my ass.

The left felt this same way four years ago when Clinton won the popular vote but lost the Electoral. I don’t recall them demanding a recount, a do-over, or threatening death to those that disagreed with them. Sure, the pundits complained but the right said, “We won. Get over it.” Seems like good advice, eh?


Tod Germanica said...

But think of the billions of children stolen, raped and then eaten by democraps. Any action is justified. You are with us or with the demons. Q told us that soon mass arrests will begin. Count on it.

B said...

"Get over it".

yeah, like nearly everyone commenting here has "Gotten over it". Y'all are still stuck in a time 4 years ago. You've never stopped whining about Trump...But until now, you never claimed voter fraud...your candidate lost fair and square. Odd, that. Methinks your arguments are growing weaker.

Few of us right side folks want a revolution. We simply want an election where the results can be trusted. This election, that does not appear to be the case. If y'all were intellectually honest (which evidence shows you are not) you'd admit that there are a LOT of strange statistical anomalies that make the vote count suspect. But since your guy won, you don't care. That says something about your character.
I don't care who won, really, THe country will survive 4 years of Kamala/Joe. I just want to be sure that the election was fair....it appears likely that this one wasn't. Joe Biden looks to be an illegitimate President. You know it, even if you would rather not admit it because you got what you wanted.

An interesting thing about that Bat virus:
It originated, supposedly, from bat that live *hundreds* of miles from the epicenter of the outbreak....oddly enough.
And the samples given of THAT virus that is claimed to be from bats is suspect.....: https://www.thailandmedical.news/news/breaking-covid-19-research-indian-researchers-doubts-origin-of-specimens-used-for-bat-coronavirus-ratg13-genome-sequence-submitted-by-wuhan-team

The virus broke out in a "Wet Market (supposedly)...where those bats from hundreds of miles away were (supposedly) being sold...which is, oddly enough, mere *feet* from the virus lab where it is suspected that the virus came from. Strange.
Do you REALLY think you can trust the Chinese here? You seem much smarter than that.
I doubt that the virus was intentionally let go. That does not, however, mean that it did not escape from the Lab by accident.

dinthebeast said...
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dinthebeast said...

When Clinton lost, she conceded. When our candidate lost, we did take to the streets, and we did organize to push back on the batshit insane things the narcissistic moron y'all had elected wanted to do.
We did not deny reality or grasp at straws like you are doing, B.
This election wasn't any more crooked than most elections here. Was it 100% perfect?
No election ever is.
But to quote that radical leftist Karl the fuck Rove: The way our elections are run it would take a Bond film level of conspiracy to compromise one, and that's just not gonna happen.
You are entitled to believe any such nonsense that you like, but I would like to point out that such delusional thinking is really fucking up the healthcare workers risking their own lives to try to keep people like you on this side of the sod, as detailed in the post below this one.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Eck! said...


At this point the where the virus broke out is meaningless shit... Why?
Because we have states where 1 in 3 have it, why because they didn't
take it seriously, believe the lies and are trotting arourd with it
and giving it to their friends.

It doesn't convey an immunity.
It can kill you.
It can kill your parents and elders.
it will cost you money if you out of work, or in a hospital,
or a long hauler out of a hospital recovering for weeks,
maybe months.
It will cost to bury your dead family members!

As to the election we didn't trust 2000 and every republican winner since.
They call fraud around them and then cheat.
When they loose they call fraud and try to beat the system.
They (rethugs) have actively attacked the system to discredit it.
Graham is trying to get votes tossed but looking and making loopholes.

You don't trust the election because your boy gave it up and lost.
We don't trust that even though Biden won as it was likely by luck
and rethug failure to cheat effectively, gerrymander the lines
right or too many machine out there. When you see patterns that
are odd it because of they aren't what you wished for and tried to
cause by smoke and magic.

We didn't flourish from fat orange. Everyone I know suffered or
got by. Every campaign promise was a lie and never came to pass.
When he leaves someone will have to count the silver and likely
replace it. Everything that happened and was not dealt with is
on his head. He's in it for him and if you believe its good for
you, stop drinking the coolaid, try distilled water, whiskey,
and pond water. The coolaid has slow poison in it from chemtrails.

One cannot reason with a unreasonable person. The pig will never sing!


DTWND said...

At the risk of a yellow or red card: B, you’re an idiot. YOU claim that there is evidence of voter fraud but haven’t cited any facts. YOU decry mail in voting as rife for cheating even though it has been going on for decades without widespread problems. YOUR side has YOUR people certify that this was the most secure election is history, yet YOU refuse to accept what he stated. And then, out of spite, YOUR side fired him. YOUR side has Senator Lindsey Graham calling (in a state he doesn’t represent) the Secretary of State in Georgia “fact-finding” about mail in votes. YOUR side is the group that sits idly by while Trump begins his vendetta against any and all who won’t fall in step with his irrational behavior.

You try to twist the conversation away from political issues by referencing the Coronavirus. YOUR people are the ones who MADE it political by claiming it’s just the flu. Even presented evidence that Trump knew that it was more deadly than the flu, YOU ignore it and say he did everything he could to protect the nation. You are acting disingenuous and hypocritical. In short, anything you state cannot be trusted, believed, or supported.

I’ll accept the card, Comrade. I just had to call out the bullshit.


B said...

Since the COronavirus was part of the post, I pointed out that the article that was referenced had.....issues. (But most of the ones that are posted here have a political slant....rather than real science).

I replied to two different things in one comment...sorry that that was so terribly confusing for you.

Again, if you are intellectually honest, you would admit that there is EVIDENCE (not proof) of fraud. Inconsistencies that simply weren't there in the previous elections as regarding ballots. But you aren't intellectually honest, nor are your moral. All you care is that "your guy" won. I care that our election appears to have been subverted....And I'd like to find out if that is true. You don't care, and won't support an investigation because it MIGHT show that someone else won, or that there WAS fraud that helped Joe and Kamala. I don't know who won, and sadly, neither do you. If there wasn't the massive tranches of :late: and "found" ballots, mostly (to the point of statistical impossibility) for Joe and Kamala, if the ballots that were days late had not been counted, and if the down ticket votes of those ballots tracked the Presidential vote (I.E., Republican for Republican or Dem for Dem) then I'd say you were right. But the inconsistencies ARE there. Does it prove fraud? Maybe and maybe not. Does it mean Trump won? I dunno. But I can say that those inconsistencies weren't there last election, or the ones before that, or even in 2000.

But instead of wanting the TRUTH, you folks here are just happy that YOUR Guy "Won" so you deny things....in an ever more shrill tone.

If you can't be honest, if you don't care if the election MIGHT have been subverted, if you only care that the Right People won, no matter what, if you can't see what the loss of trust in our elections mean to the country as a whole, then I am sorry for you, that your morals allow for "winning" at all costs. I'd simply like a second look to see if those many inconsistencies are strange coincidences that all happened at the same time or there is something to them. Especially since they all point in one direction....You'd think that if they were chance or random errors they would have them even out for both sides, more or less..but oddly, they didn't. all in one direction.

I've got no issue if Joe Biden wins (I'd be disappointed, but accepting), as long as it is clean and fair and square. I have doubts about that this time. I had none when Barry won, nor did you when Hillary lost.... we were unhappy, but accepted it. Neither of us, if we are honest, can say that this time.
Deny if you will, but your heart knows true.

I am sad that your moral compass guides you to feel that this is OK.

Ward said...

>>> If there wasn't the massive tranches of :late: and "found" ballots, mostly (to the point of statistical impossibility) for Joe and Kamala,

Citation needed: if this happened a lot, you should be able to point to an example or two. An example that you can relate, NOT just a link to some other web site where someone makes the same claim. It needs to be a direct reference to actual facts - a report of how big a batch showed up, what was unusual about how it showed up late (or whatever), and what was on the ballots, both for president and down-ballot, and an explanation of why it's a statistical impossibility.

For bonus marks, instead of parroting "Inconsistencies that simply weren't there in the previous elections as regarding ballots," explain one of the many inconsistencies you're aware of, again w/out just linking to someone else making the same claim.

dinthebeast said...

They were "late breaking" ballots because they were mail in ballots that motherfucking Republican state legislatures would not allow to be counted until after election day so as to give Fergus the opportunity to legally contest them because they and everyone else knew he was going to lose.
They broke for Biden because Fergus was on a rampage about them being illegitimate for fucking months and his moron fans refused to use them.
But I know, no fair remembering stuff.
No one in the history of our politics has done more to try to destroy the trust in our elections than Fergus. Even in 2016 he was sowing distrust in the election systems and their outcome, so you are either seriously propagandized or willfully ignorant.
Either way, anything you say on the subject is therefore suspect and requires the same outsized level of evidence as the outsized level of bogus accusations.
I hate to say this, B, but this is beneath even you.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

You may not want a revolution, b (lowercase), but that is what you've got. People, not just your "lefties", your "liberals", but everyday middle-of-the-road, just want to be left alone, as armed ax you lulus claim to be Americans are sick and fucking tired of your cheating, whiny-ass bullshit. You wanted confrontation, now you're gonna' get it. You wanted violence, now you're gonna' get it. You pushed too far, you pushed the majority over the line, there's an Amendment for that, and now it's coming back to bite you on your ample ass.

Funny how nobody had a problem with lynching until the suggestion a few white republicans lynched and they quickly voted it a hate crime.

Like the migrations out of the increasingly uninhabitable south, the pendulum swings there's nothing stopping it, will smash everything in its path.

You pushed too far.

Dark Avenger said...

Sure, B, the Democrats fixed the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections, but managed to lose Representative and Senatorial elections anyway. That certainly makes a lot of sense.

CenterPuke88 said...

The best comment I’ve seen is...if the Democratic Party is so good at stealing elections and cheating, did they just forget to cheat in 2016? Or 2010 and 2014? Perhaps just in 2000?

As for COVID, I’ll disagree with Eck! in noting that immunity seems to generally, but not always, occur to the form you encountered...but multiple variants are circulating.

As B.’s blind devotion to the big lie of fraud, the biggest difference versus previous elections is a focus on mail voting by Democratic supporters, encouraged by their side for safety, and a concerted effort by Republicans in most, not all, areas to delegitimize mail voting that skewed the in person voting to their side. Part of the effort was to delay the return of mail votes, hoping to make a difference, and to delay the counting of mail votes, hoping to use early results to be able to scream fraud. What the Republican Party effectively tried to do was plant a fried rat in a bucket of KFC, and then complain about it.

B., your daddy just fired the head of cyber security because he said the election was free and fair...much as he has gone after others who said the same. These were not partisan hacks, these were both experts and Republicans, and they paid for not parroting the company line with their jobs, but kept their integrity...unlit the vast majority of Republican Officials.

B said...

So...Ten Bears Have you always acted like a small child? Nearly everyone else here is decent, even when we vehemently disagree. You are ALWAYS an irritating childish name-calling little asshole. Why is that? Did your mommy not breast feed you as a child? Were you molested before you were able to walk? Or perhaps you just never grew up? Raised by a liberal and were never disciplined?
No one WANTS a civil war. You talk loudly and yet I don't think you can back it up. You remind me of a little tiny toy poodle on a leash barking at the german shepherd, not realizing that the leash you strain against is what keeps you alive.
Or are you just a bullying Keyboard Commando? I can back my words, I sincerely doubt you can back your bluster. It shows.

Ten Bears said...

Any time you'd care to step outside?

B said...

If yer anywhere near me, sure. Or I'll buy you a beer or a cup of coffee if you will refrain from being an asshole.

Near Chicago. You?

Comrade Misfit said...

All right, we’re done, here.