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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Trump Supporters Show Their Inner Souls

Protesters tried to get into the vote tally room at downtown Detroit's TCF Center to stop the counting of absentee ballots in the presidential election.

Chants of "stop the vote" rang out outside the building, where votes were still being counted in crucial battleground Michigan, Wednesday afternoon.

Right. A bunch of white goons were trying to stop, by mob rule, votes being counted in a majority-Black city. How do the Republicans think that looks to the rest of us?


Eck! said...

Looks like the usual alt-right criminal behaviours.

Personally anyone outside a counting place advocating for vote
count disruption is suspect and should be arrested on the spot.

Note I said disruption, not peaceful protest.


Ten Bears said...

A bunch of white goons were trying to stop, by mob rule, votes being counted in a majority-Black city.

I wonder what Master Sun would have thought of that tactic.

w3ski said...

As for me, I just don't get the "stop the count" idea. Donny is behind in the count, stop now, and declare Biden, sure. Or, is it like with the virus, where if we don't test, we can never get it? Only this time, if we don't count the vote, he can never lose?
And then there are other rethugs in other States yelling to count the votes.
They really have no national strategy other than bitch, do they?
I guess logic bever counted much to rethuglickins.

DTWND said...

Lets see: The guy that says ‘thereason that there are so many Coronavirus cases is because we are doing too many tests’ now claims ‘I’m only losing because they’re counting all the votes against me.’

Bugs Bunny: “What a maroon”


BadTux said...

There is already Republican observer at each and every desk in that building where votes are being counted. I'm not quite sure how a mob getting into the building is going to make the vote counting any more accurate. Bizarre, jsut bizarre....

Pigpen51 said...

From one video that I saw, which granted is possibly not representative of all of the vote counting precincts, it was nothing like what you have stated. The calls of stop the vote counting, were so that the same number of Republican precinct count watchers could be in the room observing the count as the number of Democrats. Again, this was from just one place.
The security guard just said that the place was full, due to covid restrictions and that no more people could go in. He was asked for more details, but wisely, refused to provide them.
The video did not appear to be staged,but it could have been. If it were honest, then the people there protesting and trying to enter,had a legitimate grievance.
I myself have accepted that ultimately Joe Biden will be declared the newly elected president on December 14,by the electoral college. And while that is not what I wanted to happen, I will support him, and pray for him and his administration,just as I did for Trump, and for Obama before him. I of course prefer that we have leaders who more closely reflect my own political feelings, but I am not a strong Trump lover. In fact, while he has done some things that I really approve of, he has done a lot of things that I am quite critical of.
The problem that is coming, and I hope that all of those here that dislike my point of view can see it, is the possibility of a reversal of fortunes and a Trump victory.
I just read a news article, just on the Yahoo page, from a Rutgers professor, who said that with the number of very close races,and the recounts that Trump has called for, many of which will be honored,plus his appeal for any ballot that arrived after November 3rd being invalidated, the possibility exists that not only states like Wisconsin, and my own state of Michigan, will be reversed and given to Trump. This was explained due to the newly formed SCOTUS, and the way that the 8 members voted before,and how they expect the newly seated Justice Barrett to vote.
I find that way of winning an election distasteful, but I also was bothered that they held the number of votes from the Detroit area until the very end,knowing that they would be mostly for Biden. I am not sure why they did that, but it is obvious that it was done on purpose,since it was also done 4 years ago.
Joe Biden keeps saying that he wants every vote counted. I also want every vote counted, with a caveat. I want every legitimate vote counted. If there were votes that are not legitimate, in that they were cast against the rules of the state election commission, in some way, or they were against the federal election commission laws,then they simply must not be counted. Rules are in place for the simple reason that the playing field must be level for everyone.
At this point, even though I am disappointed,I would prefer that Joe Biden is simply the winner based on the number of votes legally cast and counted, to avoid the even worse conclusion, that being Trump being awarded the win due to Supreme Court action. The repercussions would be felt from coast to coast,and even where I live, on the middle of the mitten, right on Lake Michigan. I don't think that anywhere in America would be free of violence and protests that turn into riots. And that is not good for America or our people. Time will tell, but if you are a praying person, pray for peace, as well as your candidate to win.


Comrade Misfit said...

You do know that if a states says that ballots postmarked on Election Day will be counted, that those ballots will arrive a few days later and that those are legitimate ballots, as much as Trump would have it otherwise?

This election isn’t being stolen. Those insisting otherwise are not Patriots.

BadTux said...

The same people who tried to destroy the post office and kept hundreds of thousands of ballots from being delivered while disenfranchising people that were supposed to be able to vote (see: Florida, where thousands of felons who got their voting rights restored by a Florida ballot initiative were suddenly told they weren't allowed to vote) now whining about election integrity is hilarious.

And the fact remains that there was a Republican observer at each and every table where ballots were being counted while there was a mob outside howling to be let in. Nothing in Michigan law requires more than that. If Republicans don't like it, the solution is to change the law, not form a howling lynch mob.

DTWND said...

In Michigan, and other states, the initial reporting of votes are those votes that were made in person, their eligibility being verified by the people stationed their, who then handed them the ballot. The mail in ballots, wether early or absentee, have to be verified (based upon matching signatures here in Michigan), then opened and the ballot is examined by both Democrat and Republican monitors to ensure it is enclosed in the privacy sleeve. Only then can the poll worker enter the ballot into the tabulation machine (not sure what the term is for it) for the ballot to be counted. These mail in ballots are what is causing the delay and extended days of counting. This election has had a larger mail in voting than other elections, probably due to the Coronavirus and the taking of precautions to avoid it. That is what my wife and I did, as well as one of my sons and his wife.

Additionally, Trump himself had urged Republican voters not to vote by mail, but rather to go vote in person on November 3rd. This is what gave Trump the early lead in the swing states, which then evaporated or became tighter due to the counting of mail in ballots.

The inability of some Trump supporters to grasp this reality is astounding. There is no ‘stealing’ of the election. There is only the process that has been in place in other elections. The only difference is the President decrying the process because he appears to be losing, and the radical supporters believing his word. And has been documented over 25,000 times since January 20, 2017, not very thing that comes out of Trump’s mouth is accurate.


dinthebeast said...

If they didn't want the counting of the mail in ballots to take days after the election, they could have allowed them to be counted earlier, which they most emphatically did not.
By their actions, this is what they wanted.
I believe what their stated reasoning at the time was, the delays would give Fergus' legal team time to sue to invalidate the mail in votes.
It really does seem like they have a problem with democracy.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Pigpen51 said...

Comrade Misfit, I don't think that the word Patriot means what you think it means. A Patriot is one who supports the U.S. Constitution first and foremost, above all else, including any laws made by the legislative branch, if they go against the Constitution. If you remember, the Constitution is considered the Law of the Land. It has been considered so important that those who join the military swear an oath to preserve, protect, and defend said document against all enemies,both foreign and domestic. The various political offices also swear their allegiance to the Constitution. The military is under the authority of the civilian president,as it should be. But they have the duty, and the responsibility to refuse to follow an illegal order from any officer in higher rank who orders them to do anything that goes against the Constitution.
Dinthebeast, I thought that I mentioned earlier that I felt it was best to simply allow Biden to win this election, to attempt to heal the country. If Trump does take these " swing" states to court and they end up being over ruled by the Supreme Court, I don't know if America can survive the fallout. As much as I would hate to see just how long the left allows Biden to remain in office before forcing him out and placing Kamala Harris in the Oval Office, another 4 years of President Trump would not be a good thing.
The one thing that no one is thinking about, is what would happen if one of the liberal justices on the Supreme Court were to drop dead of a heart attack tonight? I would be willing to bet money on the fact that Trump and company would have another justice seated before the inauguration,no matter who wins. Then buy the popcorn and sit back and watch the fireworks.
One last point,we are not a Democracy. If we were,then the states that went to Trump would never again see a politician set foot in their state to campaign. They would spend all of their time in the most populous states,trying to woo voters there. The electoral college was first and probably foremost, because the exceedingly smart founders of this nation did not trust the people to vote for the right person to run as president,and wanted a method to hold them back from electing Mickey Mouse,or Donald Trump,I mean, Donald Duck. Then the other reason was to ensure that every single state had at least some role in choosing the president.
If we were a straight Democracy,then the majority would always rule, and it is not inconceivable that minorities such as Black people, would be voted back into slavery,and their land and possessions taken with no reimbursment. It is only by our form of a Republic,or a Democratic Republic,if you wish, that we are able to attempt to give everyone the ability to step out of their place in society,and better themselves.


Ten Bears said...

A capitulation, pigpen? You started the war, now you want peace?

EYup, punch a bully in the nose and he runs crying to the cops.

No mulligans, you bought the ticket, take the ride.

Dark Avenger said...

We’re not a democracy? What color is the sky in your world?

Pete said...


A little clarification about what votes get counted in GA, MI, PA and WI.

In accordance with their respective state laws, GA, MI and WI do not accept and count any absentee ballots that arrive after close of business on Nov. 3. Trump will not get any votes invalidated for this reason in these states.

PA is sequestering (and not counting) any absentee ballots that arrive between close of business on Nov. 3 and 5 pm today due to pending legal action. PA officials have said that they have not received many ballots so far in this time period. Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) had received less than 500 as of 3 pm yesterday.

And you are correct; the USA is officially a democratic republic.


Eck! said...


We are a constitutional republic.
The process by which it functions is democratic.

All valid votes will be counted and in close aces there will be
recounts by law. Until that happens we are NOT DONE.

All the jumping up and down and weenie whining is noise and
legal wrangling of the system.


Eck! said...


Patriot is a person that has dedicated their fortunes and self to the
betterment of their country.

Your comment to any one that has served in the military or their family
falls on deaf ears as you do not understand the concept. We have people
labeling themselves as patriots while committing criminal acts, terrorism,
and subscribing to cults of personality or worse separatism. They are not Patriots, they are acting on their own behalf not that of the country.

Our History has long honored the history that:

We stand on the soap box and protest!

We believe in the ballot box, voting and insuring our votes are valid and counted.

We resort to the cartridge box on only those occasions when the safety,
security, and the rule of law are threatened.


BadTux said...

PP is fillibustering, as usual.

The definition of "republic" is "representative democracy" where laws get voted on by representatives elected by the public as vs "direct democracy" where all laws get voted upon by 100% of the population. We're a "constitutional republic" in that we have a Constitution that sets up the general rules of the representative bodies and the other branches of government responsible for enforcing those laws. Everybody knows this. This isn't rocket science. We are a democracy -- just a specific kind of democracy. This nonsense about how we're not a democracy because we're a republic is like saying that a Cadillac isn't an automobile because it's a luxury car. It's just sophistry in the service of those who support tyranny, the rule of the many by the few.

Our Constitution gives the states responsibility for counting the votes and electing electors to the electoral college based on those votes. Our Constitution gives states the right to determine its own rules for which votes to count and how to count them, with the exception of limitations added by later amendments to the Constitution (no poll taxes, and no depriving people of the right to vote due to their race or gender). It is ironic that people of the same party that is always touting "State's rights!" are now suddenly demanding that the Federal government, i.e., Trump, determine which votes to count and how to count them.

Eck! said...

Thanks Tux,

I was trying to not dance on sophistry or filibuster.

As to everyone knows this, well its clear willful ignorance is
widespread. I know how I was educated but that does not mean
that kiddies educated in the last 50 years later had that imparted.

Keep pounding, because if we only educate on we have moved in
the right direction.


Pigpen51 said...

Since I only graduated from high school, and attended 4 different colleges,while working to support my family in a steel making foundry,often more than 12 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week for months at a time, I am of course not as smart as anyone here. And since I am only 60 years old, I have only a tiny bit of your intelligence of how our nation was founded, by patriots. Of course, those patriots were considered traitors,and criminals,and most were either hung, shot, or lost everything,including their possessions, and their honor, in creating a nation.
And of course there are people who claim the title of patriot and yet seek to spread death and mayhem. That doesn't paint every true patriot with the same brush, no matter how harsh your level of hate.
My very first post here I stated that I would prefer that Biden would simply be declared the president, and gave my reasons for wishing for such an outcome.
TenBears,you say that I started a war, and then complain when I am attacked and run to the cops? I did not start a war. I attempted to start a dialog with what at one time, I thought were tolerant, intelligent, and thoughtful people, who enjoyed discussing different things that affect our shared country, in a polite and tolerant way. I also thought that of all the other posts that I read here, most of the time, if I didn't agree with them, it was the best thing to ignore them,since I didn't really have any serious opinions of them that were worth of having any discussions over. But I thought that when I did post an opinion,and was certainly always trying to be considerate and not to call names,or to accuse people of thoughts or actions which I could not have any idea of whether or not that was the case, I would be given the same consideration. Alas, it has become apparent that most of the people here who post, other than the blogger, are simply angry people, who wish to huddle together and be comforted by having a group of like minded people to see just how smart and clever they are. I have found our host to be open minded and while never giving an inch, always decent and kind, not asking me to stop posting here, even though mostly my thoughts are not ever in concert with the group.
It is obvious that my time here should come to an end. It seems that while I only wish to have discussions with people who I thought were reasonable and intelligent, what I have found is that their intelligence has been hidden by their most unkind attacks on me personally,without directly addressing much of what I post. So to Comrade Misfit, I wish to thank you for your tolerance of my posting here. And if I have offended you, then I apologize. If I have offended any others, I also apologize, but I ask you to look within to see if any of my words are not true. Because you have succeeded in driving away one who drove you to anger, and to striking out with mean spirited words. I wish all of you nothing but the best, for we truly are still one nation.


Dark Avenger said...

Our very way of life is under siege," said Mortensen, whose understanding of the Constitution derives not from a close reading of the document but from talk-show pundits, books by television personalities, and the limitless expanse of his own colorful imagination. "It's time for true Americans to stand up and protect the values that make us who we are."

According to Mortensen—an otherwise mild-mannered husband, father, and small-business owner—the most serious threat to his fanciful version of the 222-year-old Constitution is the attempt by far-left "traitors" to strip it of its religious foundation.
Right there in the preamble, the authors make their priorities clear: 'one nation under God,'" said Mortensen, attributing to the Constitution a line from the Pledge of Allegiance, which itself did not include any reference to a deity until 1954. "Well, there's a reason they put that right at the top."

"Men like Madison and Jefferson were moved by the ideals of Christianity, and wanted the United States to reflect those values as a Christian nation," continued Mortensen, referring to the "Father of the Constitution," James Madison, considered by many historians to be an atheist, and Thomas Jefferson, an Enlightenment-era thinker who rejected the divinity of Christ and was in France at the time the document was written. "The words on the page speak for themselves."


Ten Bears said...

Agape. That's the word I was looking for: agape. Not to be confused with the Eucharist, with eating dead babies. Gaping, like a fish in the bottom of the boat, like Howdy-Dowdy without the dummy, a maw without respite, that is truly a work of wonder, I salute you.

A capitulation never-the-less; quit, give up, take your ball and go home. In a snit.

Comrade Misfit said...

Play nice, people.

Dark Avenger said...

And I can teach thee, coz, to shame the Devil
By telling truth: tell truth, and shame the Devil.
If thou have power to raise him, bring him hither,
And I'll be sworn I've power to shame him hence.
O, while you live, tell truth, and shame the Devil!