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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

42 Years

The WKRP Turkey Drop episode aired on this day in 1978.


B said...

Holy fuck, that means I am getting old. I saw it when it first aired.

Ten Bears said...

I did not know Les' schtick was based on the Hindenburg's failure to dock.

Now all we need is twenty-seven eight by ten color-glossy photos with circles and arrows ...

Jack the Cold Warrior said...

All time top ten sit-com episode for me. "Oh, the humanity!!..."

Tod Germanica said...

And yet the wild turkeys around here fly spectacularly well for short distances, STOL at about 45 degrees. They flock and feed on one side of Dry Creek, then after a running start launch into the oak trees on the opposite creek bank to roost at dusk. As you'd imagine for such a large and primitive beast, landings are sometimes controlled crashes into oak branches. But they always make 'good' landings (a good turkey landing is one you can hop away from). Then the turkeys hop upwards into the trees branch by branch. The theory behind this behavior, I'm guessing, is that predators can more easily pluck the low sleeping bird. The reputation of wild turkeys is wily, elusive and hard to hunt. But these tame-wild town birds could easily be taken by rock or club, no evident fear of us. Never been hunted for generations.
Should have our national mascot like Ben Franklin suggested (tongue in cheek?) instead of that bald bird, which also has a nasty taste.