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Friday, November 20, 2020

For Thanksgiving, Please, Stay the Fuck at Home!

With the coronavirus surging out of control, the nation’s top public health agency pleaded with Americans on Thursday not to travel for Thanksgiving and not to spend the holiday with people from outside their household.
The CDC issued the recommendations just one week before Thanksgiving, at a time when diagnosed infections, hospitalizations and deaths are skyrocketing across the country. In many areas, the health care system is being squeezed by a combination of sick patients filling up beds and medical workers falling ill themselves.

This shit isn't rocket science, people.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Practice social distancing.
  • Wear a mask when you leave your home.
  • Don't go out if you don't need to.
  • Avoid places where people are acting ignorantly.
  • And stay the fuck out of bars!
That doesn't sound terribly hard to do. It's not as though you're being asked to give a pint of blood every four weeks, use only three gallons of gasoline a week or go storm the beaches at Normandy.

But we can't do it. We, as Americans, can't engage in simple acts that would serve to limit the spread of this virus, because of an innate selfishness or, as a friend of mine calls it, Toxic Libery and Freedom Syndrome.

So we're basicaly putting all of our trust in two or three unproven vaccines because we're a nation of stupid children who cannot be trusted to do what is right, as egged on by the tantrum-throwing toddler in the White House.


Eainsdad said...

In a country of 340 million people the Covid virus has ostensibly killed less than 20,000 under the age of 55, according to the CDC. And I am not going to bother looking to see how many comorbities the vast vast majority of those people had when they passed on. This virus basically only kills people who are already dying or who are vastly unlucky in their circumstances.

Ten Bears said...

Not going to bother to look past the end of your nose?

God only kills people already dying or vastly unlucky in their circumstances.

Eck! said...

Ok so some stupid ass said only 20K died! Really, your an idiot.
What dark and smelly place did you pull that from? Never mind
I've seen a few of those sites they all repeat each other.

If you believe its nothing go visit where it's rampant. You
obviously have no comorbidities, least that you know of. All
the data for under age 55 is still far larger than you wishful

Then again we have unknown number of people, not all old, with
long term disease. All damage resulting from covid.

We have 111 million that have tested positive for the bug. Of
them 250,000 are dead. if we keep going like this by September
next year the number will likely reach and rival the 1918 pandemic
(roughly 600,000 died from "spanish" flu a version of H1N1). After
all we are burying over 1000 a day.

So do us all a favor stay away, your likely a carrier or will be.


dinthebeast said...

Comorbities? Really?

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Tewshooz said...

Er..that stupid ass would be the CDC.

Do your research.

Eck! said...

I call BS. Point to the URL that actually says that.


Chief Squirrel said...

No one will ever convince Eainsdad that covid is anything more than the regular flu and that 99% of the deaths are due to underlying conditions or falsified death certificates.

He, and all the others like him, ARE the problem. They won't wear masks, live in bars and think science is something for nerds.

On a positive note though, the more of them that get sick & succumb, the fewer chumpidiots there will be to vote in future elections! Hallelujah!!!!

Comrade Misfit said...

Eainsdad, by your logic, if a truck is speeding towards a bunch of pedestrians and everyone manages to move out of the way, except for some poor schlub who uses a walker and that schlub gets flattened, it's the walker that killed him,not the truck.

That's not the way it works. If you would not be dead, but for COVID, then COVID killed you. Both medical science and law agree with that concept.

Frankly, I'll go with what the epidemiologists and the CDC says, which is over 250K dead.

Eck! said...

Try that again, as the post was seriously shuffled.

Comorbidities, spelling?

Anywho your under 55 say, maybe 28, and have asthma under
treatment, a very common thing. Baring a trigger or
respiratory disease old age is very likely.

Now you get covid and die. Did asthma kill you or covid?

You have heart disease, a transplant even and you slip and fall
into the road and a buss hits you. Fell under the bus and crushed
or heart disease?

I've seen some rather interesting number games played. The numbers
are not very interesting other poor math, confirmation bias, and
they are still dire. The gyrations taken to justify some irrational
conclusion however are extremely interesting.

At least one case tried to argue that the current 250,000 includes
gunshot, stabbings, auto accidents, cancer, heart disease, and all
the rest. Short answer, no.

After all if it wasn't so bad why go to the effort for a vaccine.

So I regard that reading of supposed CDC data as more mumble.

In Massachusetts the data is available and fairly fine grained.
We have over 10,000 dead confirmed to be from Covid. Must be half
of your cases. Also they have that but age groups are indicated
and for the under 50 set the numbers are in the 45-50% range on
a day be day basis for the last three months alone. Every week
the average age of death has been reducing. That means the sample
is getting an increased younger deaths. Early one the elders were
definitely in the highest risk but they are far fewer now.

I don't think MA was unusual. Action taken seemed to help till
recently when openings became more widespread and schools opened.
Current positive rate is about 3%, compare to Dakotas and others.


Ward said...

Here we go again, Eainsdad is another dummy who's started by assuming "Covid is nothing" and then makes stuff up to support their assumption.

Sure, there are CDC stats that sort-of match the 20,000 under 55 claim: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm


Those stats are only through August, they don't include Sep, Oct, and now we're halfway through Nov and another big surge.

Even going just by that set of CDC numbers, Covid represents 6% of the total deaths for 55 and under.

People 55-65 aren't usually considered to be about to drop dead, and when you include that age group, you're up to 50,000 excess deaths from Covid.

As someone else pointed out, comorbidity doesn't mean someone was about to die from something else and then just happened to get Covid. Ultimately, if they hadn't gotten Covid, they'd still be alive.

Not that I actually expect a response, but here's a question for Eainsdad: since you're saying 20,000 deaths means nothing, is there some number of Covid deaths in the 55 and under age group that you would consider significant?

Nangleator said...

At this point, I'm fully willing to give up on the people who can't outwit a virus. I'm pretty sure the same subset of people could be easily convinced that wearing a seatbelt is a part of the communist/socialist plan to en-tyrranize the non-100% patriotic Americans. A few bloody years of that, and the national IQ will get a boost that will eradicate Republicanism forever.

Dark Avenger said...

Poor insecure Glen Frothy.

Eck! said...

Ward wasn't it in mid july that Drumpf directed that data to got elsewhere
than CDC "to insure its accuracy".

So that source at best is incomplete. It why I used Masschusetts
data and like I said if it was really was 20,000 we already have
40-50% of our 10,000 dead in the under 50 age bracket here.

IT's the gyrations the deniers go though to prove nothing often
making it appear they are not only willfully ignorant but also
blithely unaware they have signed into a cult. They no longer
think for themselves unless it aligns with the cult leader.


Comrade Misfit said...

We are going to need a thorough de-Trumpification of the Federal government to get rid of his incompetent ideologues.

DA, drop me an email, SVP.

Tod Germanica said...

In my family it is just the five of us old people getting together this year, as masked and washed and ventilated as we can manage in the old man`s house-he just turned 94. All of us still alive and hanging in there and still in mostly quarantine after all these sad and terrible months under the would be tyrant. And, old as we all are, we are pretty intent on not sacrificing ourselves for the economy. Or anything else. So we are truly thankful just to remain-so far- on the sunny side of the sod and doing our best to stay here. Thankful but still careful.