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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Trump Fiddles While the Nation Burns

While His Fraudulency, the Bunker Boy is huddled with his Twitter acccount, crafting even more and more outandish theories to explain why he's going to be wrongfully evicted from his home on January 20th, the coronavirus continues to tear through this nation:

Bunker Boy is more intent on doing Putin's work, ripping away at the fabric of American democracy (as aided and abetted by Lickspittle Lindsey and Moscow Mitch) than on lifting a finger to do anything, let alone say anything, about the pandemic.

At this point, the GOP should change their animal avatar to either a chicken or a weasel. Both are more representative of the character of today's Republican politicians.

The only interest Trump has, other than plotting the most inept coup attempt in history, is golfing. The G20 summit is being held virtually; instead of attending a meeting about the pandemic, His Fraudulency played golf.

While world leaders met on Saturday to discuss preparation efforts to contain and alleviate the coronavirus pandemic in the next few months, President Donald Trump appeared to be golfing.

CNN reported that leaders from Germany, France, South Korea, and Argentina were scheduled to participate in the event. But noticeably absent was Trump, the leader of the country making up the largest share of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths in the world.


Eck! said...

The rethungs should have the scorpion as avatar.
They will sting and its in their nature even if it kills their ride.


Leo Knight said...

I would suggest something spineless and parasitic, perhaps a lamprey or tapeworm.

Tod Germanica said...

Since he kills everything he touches I'd sell my Ping stock pdq. Since he fucks up everything it's better for the stricken country that he keeps golfing (you know he cheats) rather than again trying to'help' us rubes out bigly with handling the disease thing. Fewer of us will die the more he hits the links.

Stewart Dean said...

And bingo! (the tanks are dry), as many people are dying daily as did on 9/11. Then we rained bloody Hell on the Middle East. Now Americans are outraged if you ask them to wear a mask because if violates their freedumb.

Ten Bears said...

I saw something early today that sent me back to update a post: the context compared politicizing masks to toilet paper, as in .. why? It's basic sanitation. But what it really boils down to is that few that are outraged if you suggest they might wipe their ass.

~ We could not collectively get our shit together enough to prevent its spread, could not do something as simple as wiping our asses - put on a mask - to protect ourselves, our families and those around us. ~

0_0 said...

Asymptomatic people have not been shown to transmit the virus:


I still have seen no study showing that quarantining the healthy and wearing masks works.

Ward said...

0_0 is another dummy who's started by deciding Covid is nothing, and then makes stuff up to support it.

From the very link that 0_0 is pretending supports their viewpoint: "Findings from this study show that COVID-19 was well controlled in Wuhan at the time of the screening programme." and "Public health measures for the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic, including wearing masks, keeping safe social distancing in Wuhan should be sustained." i.e. it shows that distancing and masks work.

And here's another Nature article that confirms that asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spread is possible: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-03141-3

So now the question is, is 0_0 another one like B who's gonna go silent when their stupidity is pointed out?

0_0 said...

That's not quite what your link says.

And the "should be sustained" quote you pulled is still not based on actual evidence. Trying to err on the side of caution is fine, but it still has not been backed up.

Please continue with the name calling, though, that will surely convince everyone.

Eck! said...

Funny O_O,

You can't read. The crux of the article is not is asymptomatic or not but
how to evaluate the contribution to the transfer of the disease. Too may
unknowns to model with accuracy.

The problem from all reading is your contagious for up to several days
before you even know it. Then the its 10 up to 20 days to clear it
completely depending on severity.

So yes, to using all sanitary means plus avoidance to prevent transmission.

The torturous logic needed to justify sharing a large dinner with friends
that really approximates a weak attempt to kill them is astounding.

Like Drumpf said after the election all this covid will go away. Either
way, the talk about it or even the disease, just another lie.