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Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Republicans Are Still Trying to Steal the Election

In at least two states (Michigan and Pennsylvania), the Republicans are plotting to have the electors vote contrary to the state's popular vote. In other states, it's a continuation of baseless lawsuits and calls for investigations that have as much grounding in fact as searching for a sasquatch.

The Republicans' favorite lies is that this is about "defending the integrity of the election". It is not. It's about trying to steal the election. It's about pleasing their party leader, El Caudillo de Mar-a-Lago.

We are close to the point where any Republican who stands up and recites the Pledge of Allegiance should be first put under oath and then be prosecuted for perjury. For they are all lying. They are not loyal to the Flag and to the Republic for which it stands. They are loyal to their party, to Trump.

Republicans are proving that they are not Americans. They are Trumpers. They do not believe in democracy, they are the party of dictators, of destroying freedom. The only saving grace has been that, as a wannabee autocrat trying to seize power, Trump has been, as he has been at everything else, stunningly incompetent.

Meanwhile, those who are foolish enough to donate to Trump's Steal the Election Fund should know that at least half of their donation is being redirected to Trump's campaign debt. Trump ran his campaign the way he has run all his businesses: Right into the ground. His campaign began the year with a warchest of unprecedented size and blew it on a lot of frivolous bullshit. Now he's seeking to grift his supporters to cover his debts.

That's probably the bottom line of all of this GOP post-election bullshit: Trump needs the money that he's grifting from the gullible.

With Trump, it's all about the grift. That's been true for decades.


seafury said...

With what's happening at the pentagon, I still think there will be some sort of sedition act nonsense. And at least in Wisconsin, there is talk of the electors simply declaring a win for trumpolini. After all, many people are saying.......

B said...

Funny, your folks suggested the same thing with Electors. Either you have a selective memory, or you have that double standard thing going again.

Cue the "Whataboutism" cries in 3..2...

w3ski said...

I just read last night that the Supreme Court has said that they must go with the State Voter Appointed Electors and that they cannot substitute party electors.
If this is enforced, I don't see any other paths for tRump to steal a victory.
"You got to dance with them that brought you to the party."
This "rearranging the deck chairs on the SS tRumptannic" is what makes no sense to me. But then, Donny never has made much sense to me.
Since it doesn't look like Donny will willingly walk out, I guess he will need an escort. I wonder if he will exit vertically or will he need to be removed horizontally? I'd PPV the latter option.

DTWND said...

For someone who in previous posts claimed that the left acts because of 'feelings', B feelz that there just HAS to be voter fraud cause he feels butt-hurt that Trump lost. Using your own words from 2017, with substitution, "Biden won. Get over it."

The right can claim as much voter fraud as they want. Please provide evidence of the fraud. And not doctored video (like the video from Ukraine that shows a polling precinct "throwing away" ballots). You guys even created a commission to investigate voter fraud in 2017. That group found..... crickets. And it was disbanded after 7 months.

I'll say it again, the kind of cabal that can cheat the system and get Joe Biden elected, but LOSE seats in the House and NOT control the Senate is a criminal mastermind. What better way to throw off those pesky investigators by purposely losing some elections, avoid jacking the vote in Florida, and stay lurking in the background.

For some, reality is just too much.


Comrade Misfit said...

Evidence of voter fraud, B. You guys have no evidence. “Voter fraud” is the GOP’s unicorn.

Ten Bears said...

Did you hear about the trumpsucker in Pennsyltucky who applied for an absentee ballot for his mother, who has been dead since 2015? It's over at Raw Story right now, and it is documented: the Penn Lt Gov has already presented to Texas as claim to its bullshit million dollar reward for documented vote fraud. The evidence, as it has been over the past thirty years, of vote fraud always, invariably, without fail, points to a Republican committing the fraud. Always.

They can "win" by cheating.

Comrade Misfit said...

Republicans who have committed voter fraud include Ann Coulter and Donald Trump.

Ten Bears said...

Not Raw Story, Daily Chaos: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/11/12/1995216/-PA-Lt-Gov-John-Fetterman-trolls-TX-Lt-Gov-Patrick-big-time-Magic-Moment-for-Emerging-Star

Eck! said...

No whatabout. You never proved your case and will not this time as well.

Words without proof are just echos and lies.


Stewart Dean said...

The reason Trump canceled the Trump Hotel election night party is that he was afraid the staff might change the locks while he was away.

Chief Squirrel said...

but... in PA, voter fraud WAS Found!!!!


Comrade Misfit said...

Until the claims have been proven in court, they're just mouthy bullshit.

And that "claim" is bullshit. "Pay me in Sheetz cards"... really?


Ten Bears said...

I dunno, cap'n, skeetz is about the best thing I can think of to say about western pa ;)

DTWND said...

And just now, Trump’s OWN Department of Homeland Security has issued a statement this election was the “most secure in American history. There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.” And the dumbasses still want to claim fraud and the election was rigged. THEIR OWN people tell them this, and yet they refuse to face reality.
These so called patriots want to take up arms, save the nation, and take action against those that are bringing the county to ruination. All they have to do is look in a mirror and eat a bullet. That’ll serve their purpose the best.


Eck! said...


That's supposed to be scarcasm. I'm sure the trumpets are;
see, see, see. it is fraud, and will never have read it.

We know there is fraud does it rise to the level of systematic
corruption? Likely we know in past elections the Repubicans
have gerrymandered and alter votes and other tricks. So they
likely assume if they loose they are the victim just because
they did it.

To that I say to those Repubicans, Bless their little hearts.


B said...

Nice how you dance away from the Elector question...

DTWND said...

B, BOTH Dems and Reps talked about electors not representing the will of the state voters back in 2016. The Reps wanted them to choose an alternate R to replace Trump. Even back then, some Repubs had a sense of where this buffoon would take the nation.

This cycle, its ONLY the Reps who want the electors to go against the state's will. Odd, innit? They want the electors to select Trump over the President-Elect. Seems many have lost their backbone to stand up against the loser of the election.

Integrity is lost on those of the right. They claim voter fraud without proof. They claim destroyed ballots without proof. They claim altered ballots without proof. They act as if the nation is supposed to believe EVERY statement that comes out of their pie-hole and start an immediate inquisition based on.... what exactly? Oh yeah, whatever hair-brained idea pops into their head.

It would be like me accusing you of running a child pornography studio in the basement of your local pizzeria without evidence. LEOs should immediately raid your premises to see if what I said was true. But, then again, that scam was already tried and tested by Republicans. Only one who took it seriously was the nut-case from North Carolina.

The sooner your side can come to the realization that Trump lost the election and stop the rationalization of the election being stolen, the sooner the nation can get back to normal.


Ten Bears said...


We're talking about vote fraud, b, don't change the subject.

seafury said...

B the difference being in 2016 there was zero evidence of voter fraud right? That's according to McEnany. However in 2020 the allegations are more than enough to overturn the election. No real evidence but, but, but,,,,,Listen to yourselves. On another subject, what's the latest Q dump? I don't follow it myselI have a life, but please keep us up to date.

Comrade Misfit said...

Another point: In 2016, Hillary Clinton scored three million more votes than Trump. So it could be argued that if the Electors had chosen her, they were following the will of the people.

However, Joe Biden got five million more votes than Trump. If the Electors choose Trump, it's a GOP-run coup. And this Republic will be over. for the Republicans favor a dictatorship.

BadTux said...

In the United States, every single state runs its own individual voting systems. All 50 state officials in charge of voting in that state says the 2020 election is one of the cleanest in history, with no credible allegations of any kind of fraud. This includes the Republican officials who oversee voting in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Anybody can make allegations. I can allege that Donald Trump is actually an illegal alien and thus not qualified for the Presidency, for example. But allegations without proof are worthless. I have no proof that Donald Trump is an illegal alien, thus it'd be silly for me to allege that he is. Yet that's the level that Republicans are at right now, making baseless allegations that every court thus far has slapped down as frivolous.

This is not Hayes v. Tilden (1876), where there was real and pervasive fraud to the point where two different groups of electors from the State of Louisiana showed up at the electoral college, each claiming to have won the election in that state. In all 50 states, the state officials in charge of elections are on track to certify a single slate of electors to the electoral college based upon real election results. And the slate they're sending to the electoral college... is a landslide for Biden.

Anonymous said...

Poor little liberals! There are none so blind as those who will not see!
You can reject the truth all you want-but it’s still the truth, no matter what you say!

Comrade Misfit said...

JLM, you have been conned. But you cannot recognize it, bless your heart. I pity you. Please seek professional help

BadTux said...

JLM, truth is arrived at via observation and study, not by listening to the words of a Supreme Leader who claims to be the sole source of truth. I arrived at my observations about who won the election by visiting the web sites of whatever department conducts elections in each of the fifty states, and verified that the numbers matched what was being reported by the news media. I did not accept anybody's word on it.

Summary: "truth" does not mean what you seem to think it means.