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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Now Commence The Next Act

Even before Election Day, the 2020 race was the most litigated in memory. President Donald Trump is promising more to come.
Since the 2000 presidential election, which was ultimately decided by the Supreme Court, both parties have marshaled legal teams to prepare for the unlikely event that voting doesn’t settle the contest. This year, there is a near presumption that legal fights will ensue and that only a definitive outcome is likely to forestall them.

That'll be just another layer on the Shit Cake that is 2020.


Eck! said...

It is November 4th, likely a few ours to get their stuff ready the
rethuglicans or their proxies will descend on the various courts.

The fun begins in 4...3...2...1.


seafury said...

But I thought the president called it. Article 2 ARTICLE 2!!!!!!!!!

Stewart Dean said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Right has principles, ideals and morals...instead of anti-democratic flim-flam, naked smash-and-grab thuggery and a figurehead of lechery, bullying. lying, corruption, theft and immorality.

Nebris said...

Biden will likely have 270 by the end of the day and litigation costs money. I therefore suspect we won't see all that much of it.

Nebris said...

That said, I do expect a fair amount of MAGA act outs and violence, especially once they realize Fat Boy has lost.

Comrade Misfit said...

FYI, I put up this post and the previous one on the 2nd.

dan gerene said...

In the vote counting area in Detroit the loudmouths were shouting "stop the count" because they wanted to barge in and be poll challengers. They don't seem to understand that rules are for them too. There were Democrat challengers there too but they were willing to wait patiently if there was an opening in the capacity limited area. The Trump minions were easy to identify by the shortage of masks and the yelling of a three word phrase which they seem to be limited to. They are the PPP, Poor Persecuted People.