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Thursday, November 19, 2020

"This Is Who We Are?"

Public health directors are quitting because they are fed up with the death threats from the Rumpanzees and the QAnon conspiracy loons

One is speaking out. She asks some good questions:

Why aren’t you listening? Why do you refuse to hear from the people who actually know about this disease and how it spreads? We like to believe we take good care of each other here. We pride ourselves on being a down-home community that sticks together, and now this is how we treat each other? This is who we are?

It is. It's one thing to disagree on policy and ideology, but denying scientific facts and then threatening people who disagree with you? That's not just wrong, it's unhinged.

As for those still following Trump on his The Election Was Stolen From Me Crazy Train, they are either lunatics ot traitors.


w3ski said...

Almost half the country is infected by tRump's stupidity and I can see it in the COVID deniers. Science and common sense seem to be in very short supply right now when we need them both more than ever.
I read the nurse's account also of being cursed for wearing PPE around people dying and still denying COVID.
My own wife's doctor who should have known better and claimed he'd had it "a couple of times already and it was no big deal", is now intubated and in intensive care.
It's as though half of our country is still living in the dark ages and believe they can just tell the disease to go away.
And here we go with TP shortages again? Come on people.

seafury said...

Pop in law had it. (The really bad flu) but through praying and praising, he's recovered He can't sleep in a bed anymore, he has to sleep sitting up. He's used 15 bottles of Delsym and robitussin in the last month. And he can't walk from the living room to the kitchen, but danged
If the presnident ain't right, it just goes away. Thank the good lord he won the election. Those demoncrats are sure gonna get them some trump love real soon..........

Sdv1949 said...



Have a nice day.

Comrade Misfit said...

Sdv1949, what you or I or some presumably Trupmpist conspiracy theory website says is "evidence" is of no importance whatsoever.

If it's not suitable for being introduced in a hearing, or if it's introduced and found not to be persuasive, then it's just bullshit.

Trump's so hot on going to court, so that's the forum for proving claims. Not here or on another blog or on some crap-ass website.

(Should I put you down for "conspiracy-theory lunatic" or "traitor"?)

Sdv1949 said...

Lunatic, if you please. ��

CenterPuke88 said...

Comrade, it’s fun to read the “proof”, such as a news story on a precinct that voted more than 100% registered voters...and that then explained how it happened, perfectly legally.

Ward said...

I don't know what to call people like B and Sdv1949... "deliberately stupid" is the best I've thought of so far.

All it takes to see that hereistheevidence is bogus is to click one "Source" link on the. The first one I followed went to a letter signed by a Republican party leader and a "Trump Election Audit Team" member and the "evidence" cited is that "our analysis shows..."

But for the dummies like B and Sdv1949, they start by believing whatever stupid thing Trump says ("election fraud"), then they're happy with any made-up garbage that supports their belief. They don't care about evidence, they just want to reinforce whatever their leader has told them to think.

dinthebeast said...

Well, one of the judges that threw out one of his cases was one he appointed, so the "become dictator by capturing the judiciary" strategy has at least one hole in it.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Eck! said...

Ok, How many went to the link and didn't find evidence of malfeasance or fraud?

A few...

How many went to the site and didn't go the the links and read them?

You were trolled. You went didn't dig and then went see, see, see,
dozens of stories of voter fraud and crimes. That's your laziness
and bias talking as the site does not support that.

After touring the site and reading a few links, what it is is the
outward appearance of conspiracy theory and then you read the stories
and its the real story or at the very least hearsay and actual full
cloth stories. Most a larger portion are "he said" repetitions.

That site is not evidence of anything other that gross stupidity abounds.
That and what people call facts are admissible in a court.

Propaganda, is serious stuff. We see it every day, advertising designed
a Ford lover to buy a Chrysler, or maybe a Chevy. But the same techniques
applied with some diligence and also get a person to believe a liar and
grifter to be he likely something he is not. So yes we have 70 million
who of which a significant portion that are fully invested in the
propaganda that Covid is fake, hoax, or just the flu. Terrible thing
is some will only find out as their own personal light is going out.
Others may just die believing it.

The rest will get to pay funeral expenses, not visitation and likely
never see the body again.

So yes lunatic. ;)