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Thursday, March 28, 2013

OK, Mr. President, Let's Take This a Couple of Steps Further.

What he said:
If you think that checking someone’s criminal record before he can check out a gun show is common sense, you've got to make yourself heard.
What the fuck? He wants a background check run for everyone who is attending a gun show? Not just anyone who wants to buy a freaking gun, but everyone who wants to walk through the door?

So let's take this a step further, shall we? Let's start checking the licenses of everyone who walks into a supermarket, because they sell beer, wine and cigarettes there.

Let's check the driver's license of everyone who walks into a store where auto parts are sold. After all, if you can't legally drive a car, wuffo you need to buy any parts?

Nobody under 21 should be allowed into a restaurant that has a liquor license.

I've not bought a gun at a gun show. Most of them, I buy nothing. At a couple, I've bought ammunition and at a couple others, accessories. Bought a pair of sunglasses at one of them. For that I should get a background check at the frakking door?

Light up the phones to your congressmen and senators, people. This is bullshit. He wants the people's voices to be heard? Fine, let's let them hear our voices.



Megthered said...

Every time this guy opens his mouth, more people see what an idiot he is. He's been the bedt gun salesman eveh!

Constitutional Insurgent said...

He quite adequately illustrates the asininity of his crusade.